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The Dodgers made a few changes to their 28-man roster ahead of the NLCS, according to the Let’s Check It Out:

The most notable changes here include the removal of Terrance Gore and Gavin Lux from the list Gore’s role is limited to running, but it was not used in the first two rounds of the playoffs Lux, meanwhile, is one of the most talented young players in the organization He has played a key role in last year’s playoffs, when he started three NLDS games against the Nationals He only had one playoff batting, however, after cutting 175/246 / 349 in 69 home plate appearances in the regular season

Lux himself had replaced Rios, who missed the ALDS with a hamstring injury.He is apparently healthy enough to return to the roster

The other addition is Wood, who becomes the 15th member of the pitching squad It will be surprising to see Wood start a game, except maybe as an opening At the very least, he should be able to provide length out of the box Wood’s best years have come with the Dodgers, but he’s struggled to get on track in the past two seasons He’s made two starts and nine total appearances for the Dodgers this year, going 0-1 with a 639 ERA / 501 FIP over 12 2/3 innings

Geographically, I should want the Dodgers, right? Even though they sent my Padres It’s the logic of Dodger fans
To be honest, when the Giants continued their incredible run, I had a soft spot for their team, even as a fan of the Padres.
The Muncys led the Dodgers, I just can’t blame
The Giants were brave, exceeded expectations, built their team through the farm, and made smart free agent acquisitions
Dodgers were good at Mookie Betts Unbelievable how after the Betts trade, few Dodgers fans are complaining about the Red Sox cheating scandal
The Dodgers have the second highest payroll in MLB and are supposed to win it all
How can Dodger fans justify asking for support or respect from Padres fans?
They regularly take back Petco They are rude and rude They regularly insult the weaker Padres franchise
Still, as Padres fans, we have to tip our caps and root, root, root for the Dodgers?
Absurd logic

Typical Pods fan jealousy Your team might be the Padres, but the Dodgers are their daddy Btw, Betts was not a gift as the Dodgers traded good value to have it The Padres, on the other hand , wanted the Red Sox to accept Will Myers ‘inflated contract.So in that sense, it was the Padres’ gift of stupidity that helped the Dodgers acquire Betts

Andrew Friedman is the best ruler in the game His fingerprints are all over the shelves and those Dodgers And he used the same principles to create both rosters focusing on scouting, drafting and player development A little more wiggle room with the Dodgers, but the same philosophy Get the best bang for your buck and don’t overspend in the free agent market

Enjoy your winter, Pods fan Your team’s next step is to prove they can create a winning record during a normal program They haven’t done it very often in their first 52 years, but you already know

There is clearly a story out there that I don’t know because I’m not sure that a « let’s go » comment implies that anything new is offended in its response. read between the lines pretty well I’ll look at the two word comment again and see what I’m missing

« Andrew Friedman is the best leader in the game. His fingerprints are all over the shelves and these Dodgers »

Friedman’s fingerprints are all over two of the four teams The editorial staff Player development Depth Payroll management That’s all Friedman No one else operates at this level The dude is awesome

Jokes aside, I agree he’s awesome, but you have to consider the context of « best » He was the best of Rays On the Dodgers, he really has as much money as he wants in. use

Nobody claims being insane is anyone except one poster, but trolls like you who want to tear the guy up and want to start shit on a new thread

why don’t you go? You are a padre fan You just admit it here You are just here to be a dk Tow So Woosh

Money Money Money Except the dodger list is probably the most cultivated non-VG list in the entire playoff schedule. But it’s money!

Betts are the factor of difference this year and they are not entirely from Pollock, Turner, Muncy either…

I agree that there are a lot of « homegrown » guys out there, but they also rely on guys who have a lot of money

Betts was not a free agent It was acquired by trading In a way it is still a farm product

Keeping Mookie Long Term Is Safe Money But let’s not act like LA is the only team paying 30 million stars to stay

More importantly, it was only acquired through the farm Few teams had an OFer with 5 years of control; a solid rookie season and a solid prospect pedigree, a top 100 and rising SS prospect who can impact both sides of the ball; and an attractive prospect

Pollack is Friedman’s only free agent, who wasn’t already on the squad But of course it’s money

Now JT and Muncy came to Los Angeles as outcasts of their old organizations for minor league deals So they came to make ~ 500k

Is it a big deal now? Just because they’ve helped their development to a point where they’re impact hitters and then signed extensions You also call that the money flexion muscle? To be a little questionable there

If Padres fans don’t want Dodgers fans at their games, they should buy tickets Plus, great food at Randy Jones’ booth

Rejecting Turner and Muncy because they are not « homegrown » made me realize that a new category is needed, which is the mark of good teams. It is the possibility of acquiring players like Turner, Muncy, McGee, Blanton, Dayton, Watson and Cingrani and develop their skills, or to follow unemployed or underutilized players who have hired private coaches and improved their game Players can be developed through the farm system, and after reaching the majors

Strongly Agree Greg The opportunity to tap into the potential of talented players that other organizations couldn’t tap into, should be « rewarded » if you do

I wouldn’t call it a « scandal » The Red Sox got fouled and berated for it We lost a draft pick and offloaded Cora This had minimal effect on the game

It’s a different scandal than the Astros « Yes, still blame us, but it wasn’t that bad

Dodger fans don’t care if you’re for us or not Remember, we’ll always be the Padre’s daddy!

No need to reply to a silly comment from a salty Padre fan Most of what he posted was absurd garbage

@towinagain is another reason why dodger fans cheer stooge padres fans silly comments like this litter every Dodgers post According to Javia Dodger fans are responsible for most of the trash talk

@imindless sure that the Pads property will gladly accept the ducks of Bums fans, but the consensus of a majority of Pads fans… you are not welcome at Petco

@towinagain idk we seem welcome every time we come down and the stadium is filled to the brim with dodger fans In fact, outnumbering padres fans in their own stadium maybe quite sad may you mind This will not change as the tickets are very cheap Thanks for the tip!

Stick to a self-centered, arrogant, obnoxious and self-inflated misrepresentation of the So-Cal Birds of a Feather population genre…

@towimagain is starting to think all padres burners are javia… sorry your sensitivity about your over-excited ball club is leading you here We won, keep going Your insecurities towards yourself and your team are causing you to spit venom and hatred towards others unfairly Nobody cares about the NEXT poetic double talk

There’s a reason the rest of the nation refers to LA as the land of the lala

Hollywood is an apt portrayal of the average Dodger fan, an egotistical, self-congratulating, selfie obsessed individual, IG influencer

Take a trip of the 5 in rush hour traffic and you will see what I mean

Decimated by injuries hahahahaha missing 2 pitchers quantifies the whole team? The offense was still intact and scored 10 points in 3 games! Slam Diego? More like a mock diego! You discovered something that the smartest padres understood, because just making the playoffs was a huge accomplishment

The Padres are among the first 10 to spend only 15 million less in 2020 So that the logic is not valid

Most dodger fans are hard working Latinos who have been in the community for 3/4 generations. You’ve clearly never been to a dodger game to find out!

I have attended a lot of Bums games there It’s a nice park Yes the majority are hard working Latinos who like family who appreciate and understand the community

Am I referring to this segment of fans no, but there is a segment of Bums fans who are obnoxious, inconsiderate and can be downright violent

If Padres fans don’t want Dodgers fans at their games, they should buy tickets. Plus, great food at Randy Jones’ booth

Take the Dodgers’ 2 best pitchers and it’s May, Gonsolin and Urías If a team can get through that kind of bad luck, it’s the Dodgers

2 Complain that dodger fans have supported the San Diego community because your city didn’t care about the team for the past 20 years we are bad for this ?? How dare they eat, buy tickets, go to a bar and stay at a restaurant Maybe hit an amusement park before the game

Oh wait Yeah they do Did you see downtown San Diego ?? Eesh It’s like LA in the 90s

Take care of your city and maybe we don’t have to For now though The dodgers like to have 90 home games

The Dodgers don’t have the second highest payroll Yankees # 1, Astros # 2 Dodgers # 3 The Dodgers have a good group of traveling fans called Pantone 294 They go to Petco in droves because San Diego is close to MOON and there are usually not enough Padres fans to fill the stadium Helping the local economy The best reason Padres fans support the Dodgers is that they come from the West Coast, and every year is a battle to fight the prejudices of the east coast

@ gregn213 No ask the majority of Padres fans who they support for and it’s the Braves hands down

« The Dodgers led by Muncy »? You haven’t been paying attention at all this season if you think Max Muncy is leading the team

Two players named Mookie Betts and Justin Turner, the heart and soul of this team, make Kershaw, whose work ethic is much revered, is also the oldest. So « No » is not a Dodger team led by Max Muncy, especially with one year less for him

Having a limited role player like Gore on the roster is hard to do without days off

How so? If they had 25 places and the other teams 28, they would still have the most complete roster

No days off means you need more pitchers, which means you can’t afford to keep a guy like Gore, whose only role is to be a late-inning runner

Gore is not on the list He and Lux ​​were dropped for this round The Dodgers have 15 pitchers, including five legitimate starters and six lefties Who else has that kind of depth? You realize they ran MLB in the ERA, don’t you?

Dude, what are you talking about Jesus, you Dodger fans are really on the defensive about everything You act like I’m talking about Dodgers deep trash and say it’s no good I dont understand what you dont get about my post

Lux was dropped in favor of the now healthy Rios Gore was dropped as this is now a 7 game streak, not 5, and there are no days off, where the need for an extra pitcher and not having the luxury of having someone on the roster whose role is only to be a late runner My comment was about taking Gore off the roster at take advantage of the pitch depth needed for the longer series without days off

Read over what I wrote and take half a second to think about what that means:

« Having a limited role player like Gore on the roster is hard to do without days off »

My point was, and it was an incredibly simple point, that you can’t have a player like Gore on the roster when there are no days off and you need the pitch depth. additional

Mindless, Commonsense and now Cey are all up for posters if they don’t agree with them on anything Dodger related

I wasn’t even commenting on the depth of the Dodgers or anything like that, I was just making a general statement about how the lack of days off affects roster decisions

He obviously thought I was shooting the Dodgers and didn’t even understand the two of them what my message was for

I took pictures of people telling me what I can and can’t do on a free discussion board Like… you Should I quote you a donkey?

Or the 3 posters within 24 hours telling me what I can and cannot write?

Briffle starts to think you are a common troll The condemning and condescending tone towards almost every poster you come across here is exceptional Then constantly playing the victim like you haven’t done anything wrong when you openly talk to the Someone Else’s Team Stick to Braves ‘discussion of Braves’ posts, you know little about the wide range of baseball

Keep on exaggerating more about me telling you how to post How about quoting me where I explicitly told you how to post here? It’s on your mind

You need to be able to deal with people who disagree with you without having little baby tantrums whenever someone doesn’t share your exact point of view of Dodger

I don’t think you showed your reach, or lack thereof, on baseball yesterday If I were you I wouldn’t be in the discussion until you started posting enough smart

On that note, Commonsense, I want to apologize for chasing you the other day I was out of line

You seem to be misinformed, as the stats I’ve presented don’t match your false narrative, just like the mainstream media.You are constantly looking beyond the actual hard data to support your biased opinions Race differential, which is the best way to predict the best teams because it takes into account both throws and strikes

Again, the Braves have to care about 3 players (Accuna, Freeman, ozuna) which makes the overall team stats look better than they actually are. Bringing together 3 players who have far surpassed what they usually are in their careers is your main argument as to why the Braves will win. Historically freeman and Accuna to a lesser degree are the only consistent hitter you have on your team Same argument I had with padres fans and you who said it was a 5 game series based on this sea

Your argument was then that the crooks hadn’t played anyone this year and I showed you last year’s stats against everyone because we have the exact same squad minus maeda, and ryu and adding bets You seem not to understand the context in which the Dodgers have been a top team for years You think a small sample size season is the hallmark for making an unbiased prediction Again, hold on- en to the Braves’ speech which seems to be the only thing you watch or know about

You know what I was up against I don’t have to do anything here Idc what you want or how many threads you come to me

Thanks Bham There’s plenty of room for a real baseball discussion here and that’s why I’m posting

I’m not perfect so if I cross the line to you I also apologize The playoffs are getting tense We all see that Lol

Right now I’m not responding to another post from you, imindless At least with other posters they don’t lie or make things up completely when they try to argue

Yesterday you said Freeman was the only Brave to worry about and everyone was average, and now you say there are three Braves to worry about Yesterday I pointed out that statistically, the Braves offense was just as good or better than the Dodgers offense this season Then you randomly mentioned the race difference compared to last season

I never argued that the Braves were the better team than the Dodgers, I only argued that the Braves’ offense was as good as the Dodgers this season Points difference is not a measure the quality of an attack, as it can be negatively affected by a bad pitch, just like with the Braves starters this season Using the race difference, the race difference from last season, to say the Dodgers offense is better (which you did yesterday) is stupid

You completely ignored everything I said yesterday with the data I brought up and now you are saying that I am not using hard data? Ridiculous

It was you who said the Braves played nobody and named the Braves playing the Reds and Marlins The Dodgers played the worst team to make the playoffs and then, in your own words , a team that wouldn’t be good enough to make the playoffs in the regular season So don’t talk about the Braves playing nobody

I said the Braves’ only consistent hitter is Freeman You don’t seem to understand that using career stats is really the only way to predict a player’s performance Using past stats helps paint a picture of who the player is and potentially will be Producing consistently career-standard numbers proves and validates something or someone who is good to excellent In the same way you argue that Simmons will not be a temple of fame by basing your opinions on the successes or failures of past seasons to validate your point

Again, your argument was that the dodgers haven’t played anyone THIS year, so I have provided some data challenging that by showing you statistics from last year which help to better understand who the dodgers are, on top of the data from THIS years They are largely the same team and have been a top team both offensively and in pitching You don’t seem to understand this You’re only using flawed data that really doesn’t quantify the Overview Using team stats to highlight an infraction is the worst excuse to back up a protest involving freeman, acuna, ozuna and what have you got? Take Away Betts, Bellinger, and Turner and Dodgers are still good You get it? You also like to look beyond the data because it doesn’t help you

Both portray the Dodgers being the better team by far Using the Reds and Marlins 2 of the worst offenses to support your argument are laughable You said yesterday that the Braves started the playoffs well against 2 bad teams and that this validate the mediocrity of the Braves on this side of the ball?

A guy who responds to your comment on Gore doesn’t mean he represents « the Dodgers fans » « 

@imindless by your claims about the Padres, you agree that the Dodgers have not played « anyone » this year

Since you see the Padres as a really inferior opponent, the Braves should present a tall order to the Dodgers and the Dodgers need to raise their game considerably.

They have a formidable offense, good spin and good pen and the Dodgers have played against the « hapless » NL West

Someone mentions a player who appeared in exactly two games as a pinch runner and it turns into a Monty Python sketch

Alex Wood could have a huge opp here to provide quality hostels – We’re deep enough to keep him on a tightrope but if he excels this length could really be a godsend with 7 games in 7 days – The Brave don’t really have a guy like that, like adding

* I’d love to see more trades like Brusdar Maeda’s – Has helped both teams tremendously this year – MLB ready talent for Mlb ready talent… it seems like all we’re getting these days is a salary waiver for prospects – Large series for Trienan / Brusdar

I only hope they never have to call on Wood I’ll put my head under a pillow if they do

7 games 7 days, there is a profitable contribution or 2 behind the scenes – The playoffs are all about these types of contributions – He looked good in late September –

Yes Tomlin would be the team but honestly I don’t think Tomlin is having a good game here but could definitely be wrong –

I love these two bullpens when the going goes, even bowling, but there will be a game or two where guys like Wood / Tomlin could help pull off a two-way win – Both have fouls capable of coming back from an early deficit, the swing hostels 4-6 are still as vital in these games… A little more than 7-9 who usually hold the lead this late in the playoffs

How can Rios miss the ALDS when the Dodgers have been in the National League since 1890?

Well, being in the Netherlands it’s a fact that he missed the ALDS, like all the other Dodgers

I really hope the dodgers can win it all this year It would make dodger fans happy for the first time in a long time

I am very happy to see Rios replace Gore Alex Wood has been constantly hit after his return I would have preferred Scott Alexander to Wood

I attended a lot of Bums games there It’s a nice park Yes the majority are hard working Latinos who love family

Am I referring to this segment of fans no, but there is a segment of Bums fans who are obnoxious, inconsiderate and can be downright violent

Take out Kershaw and Buehler, the Dodgers run May, Gonsolin and Urías in 1-2-3

Compare the starters of the previous WS winners i.e. Verlander, Scherzer, Strasbourg to a rotation led by May, Gonsolin and Urias, then Gonsolin wrestle and watch what happens

Find out how this would change the extension of guys in games and elevate others in roles they are not used to

Clearly the best team on paper and in performance to date However, the best teams don’t always win 🙂

Because they won 106 games last year and added Mookie Betts Because they were the favorites before the season (for the reason above) and then went 43-17 Because they scored the most points and had the lowest staff ERA

But most importantly, because bettors believe the public thinks they are the favorites Odds and lines of play are set to get the action bettors want, depending on the public perception Si Vegas says that the Cowboys are the touchdown favorites this weekend, it’s not because they believe the Cowboys will win by a touchdown It’s about producing the right action with bettors’ money, not predict scores

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World News – United States – Dodgers Announce NLCS List


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