World News – United States – Flights are being stopped at two major Texas airports to disinfect an air traffic control center where two employees tested positive for COVID-19 this week


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Flights to and from Dallas are suspended as the air traffic control center, which is responsible for the high altitude airspace of the region, goes through a two and a half hour cleaning after one of the facility’s employees positive for COVID- 19 was tested.

This is the second case this week that the facility’s staff have tested positive for the virus. The most recent incident only happened on Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration website shows. Six FAA facilities in the Dallas area have reported positive COVID-19 cases, four of which have been reported multiple times. However, a whopping 22 cases have been reported at that facility, including on Wednesday.

The FAA has issued a ground stop for all aircraft landing in the facility’s airspace during the clean-up, which extends well beyond the greater Dallas area. Its airspace includes the skies over most of northern Texas, southern Oklahoma, western Arkansas, western Louisiana, and eastern New Mexico.

Flights to Dallas that have not yet started will be held at their departure airports, while flights en route to the area will likely need to be entered into hold patterns or rerouted to other airports outside of the air until the ground stop is lifted.

The Dallas Air Route Traffic Control Center typically coordinates high altitude flights departing and arriving at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas Love Field. The airports are home to American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, which operate hundreds of flights from the city every day.

Planes intended to fly through Dallas’s extensive airspace may also need to be diverted, which can add flight times for other planes. The facility is still open, the FAA confirmed to Business Insider, but is likely to have fewer staff due to the cleaning.

Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas Love Field Airport, layover, Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area

World News – USA – Flights to be stopped at two major Texas airports Disinfection of an air traffic control center, in which 2 employees tested positive for COVID-19 this week
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