World News – United States – Form for long lines on the first day of early voting


Early voting lines wrapped around blocs in all five boroughs as voters practiced social distancing while stepping out to vote

Registered voters can vote early in New York City, October 24 to November 1

In Brooklyn, hundreds of voters prepared to stand in line for a while Some even took chairs and snacks with them to the polls

Brooklyn is spinning !! The line winds for blocks around the museum all around the park People are prepared, chairs in tow and snacks in hand Get out! #VoteEarlyDay picTwittercom / qBvBcStrgY

In South Williamsburg, Lindsay Tuchman of NY1 said that despite the long line, it took less than an hour and a half to vote

Update: Took less than an hour and a half to go all the way down the line and vote! https: // tco / RDlKvUtk81

City Council Member Mark Levine tweeted video of people lining up to vote in Manhattan

« Hundreds of people in line to vote, some out there for hours, before the polls open for the early poll, at 168th St in Uptown Manhattan The line circles the block and now begins to wrap up a second time It’s unprecedented in New York We’re in a whole new world, ”said Levine

100 in line to vote, some there for hours, before the ballot boxes open for early voting, at 168th St in Uptown Manhattan The line goes around the block and now begins to wrap around the second time around
It’s unprecedented in New York We are in a whole new world imageTwittercom / c07hkYf8Uy

NY1 Senior Political Producer Mariya Abedi shared time-lapse video of early voters lining up for several blocks outside MSG

Wowow, New York shows up for day one of #EarlyVoting This is just * part * of the line outside of MSG, wrapping multiple imageTwittercom / D8wyDULEPT blocks

Lines also circled the block in Staten Island polling stations At Central Family Life Center, voters were impatient and energetic despite the long lines Some of the voters who spoke with NY1 said that ‘it was more convenient to vote in advance

« It feels good To do my duty as a citizen, to do it I don’t want to wait until November 3, » said voter Cindy Ramirez, who waited in line for the opening of the poll

Congressman Max Rose took to the voting site with his wife Leigh and baby Miles

<p Rose said

« It has been a tumultuous year politically in this country so we are delighted to come here and see if we can change that, » said voter Melissa Mowery

« My heart breaks every night when I fall asleep try to fall asleep thinking of all the people who have died alone without their loved ones and this is my main motivation right now, and a million others reasons, hopefully people come and vote, ”said Cheryl Cassidy

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