World News – United States – Hairy poisonous caterpillar invades Virginia


The most poisonous caterpillar in the United States crawls in Virginia and authorities are warning locals to be careful as it touches the hairy poisonous caterpillar can be dangerous, Metro reports

This poisonous insect is called the cat caterpillar and it is covered with poisonous spikes which, if touched, can cause severe pain, swelling, fever and symptoms of shock The cat caterpillar is found commonly in the southern states in elms, oaks and sycamores where they feed But locals claim to have seen some of the caterpillars in parks and other places as well

In addition, authorities have received reports of cats in the eastern counties of the state, and some people who have injured themselves by touching the caterpillars have been taken to hospital Officials said the poisonous caterpillar’s population is being kept under control through biological intervention, but they are also considering using chemicals if necessary

The adult version of cat larvae is the harmless southern flannel moth, but unlike it, the larva is a danger to humans.Its size can vary from 12 inches to 14 inches, and their body is fully covered. hairs, and only the head can be seen when they are eating

The Virginia Forestry Department has received several reports of cat caterpillars sightings in the eastern state One case involved Crystal Spindel Gaston in Richmond who told the Daily Progress about her encounter with the caterpillar while she was in the back of her car parked outside and suddenly felt excruciating pain

« It was exactly like a hot knife going through the outside of my calf Before looking down to see where it was coming from I 100% thought I was going to see a big, super sharp piece of metal , who was getting out of my car ”, said Gaston She was immediately sent to the emergency room and it took three days for her to feel normal again

According to Eric Day, director of Virginia Tech’s insect identification lab, the cat’s caterpillar is not typically seen in Virginia, and officials would only receive one or two sightings However, this year appears to be a caterpillar epidemic

Virginia officials are warning parents to be on the lookout for a hairy caterpillar their children may mistake for a pet like what happened in 1923 at two Texas schools when multiple reports were made reporting cat caterpillars biting children

Another incident also happened in Florida when a 15-year-old boy was sent to hospital His mother, Andrea Pergola, said her son was screaming as they stood in the aisle and when she looked at the affected area it looks like a burn mark

Virginia Tech said that when someone gets ‘stung’ by the cat caterpillar, it is best to immediately wash the affected area with water to remove the insect’s hair and any poison that remains on it. the skin The patient can also use duct tape on the skin to quickly remove caterpillar hairs and poison

But this is only first aid in case someone encounters the cat caterpillar Virginia Tech still recommends seeking immediate medical attention for proper care, especially those with skin sensitive to bites insects

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News from the world – United States – Toxic hairy caterpillar invades Virginia


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