World News – United States – NFL Week 6 Notes: Derrick Henry Shows Why He’s Rare RB That Is Worth Big Money, Patriots Need Practice & More


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Full backs aren’t meant to matter They’re meant to be replaceable, more or less You shouldn’t even pay running backs

I can easily count on one hand the number of running backs that I think are worth paying $ 10 million a year from a teamwork perspective For what Henry does for the Titans and what he does to opposing defenses, he tops the list

This was never more evident than in Sunday’s 42-36 overtime victory over Houston, where Henry galloped for 212 yards on 22 carries and threw 52 receiving yards in two catches.

Henry has run over 100 yards for the 10th time in his last 14 games Still a massive backstroke, his 2019 rebirth has coincided with the insertion of Ryan Tannehill as starting quarterback And make no mistake: Tannehill should be in your top 5 MVP for six weeks

But Henry is, without a doubt, the most valuable member of the offense Tannehill can only perform so well out of play because the defenses respect – no, fear – Henry At 6ft 3in and close to 250 pounds, Henry hit a top speed of 2,162 mph on his 94-yard touchdown run.This was the fourth fastest speed a running back has hit this season, and it’s both awesome, comical and terrifying

Henry’s ability to gain yards after contact is unmatched among active players How he enforces his will against defenses has an unmatched cumulative effect to his position in regards to team-specific value as that running back, only Alvin Kamara is in his rank, IMHO

Sounds good about the Titans’ organization and general manager Jon Robinson that they haven’t let Henry play this season on the franchise tag What I expected them to do – and frankly what I would have done – was knock Henry into the ground in 2020, just like 2019 I would see if he held up and in March 2021 I would see if I should get the can I had thrown at the road regarding a long term contract

But the Titans realized Henry’s worth to the team This offseason, they signed him to a four-year contract worth $ 50 million with $ 25 million in guarantees that made him at the time one of the top three in terms of average annual salary

The Titans did well by Henry And with Henry playing a big part of their 5-0 start, he’s doing well for the team

The Patriots looked like a team that barely got to practice this week They had the best quarterback, coach and defense And still lost 18-12 at home to Denver I think Tennessee spoiled us on Tuesday when they took care of Buffalo after 12 days off, and that’s really what a team without training is supposed to look like

“Well that was a big challenge,” Bill Belichick said after the game “Playing without the guys, hurting the guys, moving, there were guys who hadn’t played a lot together, who didn’t had not trained a lot together So you have to go out into the field, you have to train, you have to develop a certain continuity as a team, but above all there « 

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Derrick Henry

World News – USA – NFL Week 6 Notes: Derrick Henry Shows Why He’s The Rare RB Who Is Worth A Lot Of Money, The Patriots need practice and more


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