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On Monday, Ohio State Representative John Becker (R-Union Township, Clermont County) filed a motion with the Twelfth District Court of Appeals for the Ohio to quash brief Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost filed in court

AG Yost filed the amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief on behalf of Clermont County District Attorney D Vincent Faris as Becker attempts to investigate Becker’s charges against the Governor of Ohio

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Becker and Faris ended up in district appeals court after Becker filed a private citizen affidavit (PCA) on September 28 in Clermont County, As reported by The Ohio Star, in the PCA, Becker alleged that Ohio Governor DeWine committed 7 felonies and 3 misdemeanors as a result of his handling of the state’s COVID response

Five hours after receiving the PCA, Clermont County District Attorney Faris said, « I have reviewed the documents and cannot find any basis to file a complaint under this private citizen affidavit »

« I am very disappointed that Prosecutor Faris has not fulfilled his clear legal obligation under the law, » Becker said in a statement to The Star

As a result, Becker filed a writ of mandamus with the Twelfth Circuit Court of Appeals in an attempt to force Faris to investigate the charges listed in the PCA – Becker claims under revised code 2935 of the Ohio01 (A) that Faris must conduct a legitimate investigation

Mandamus’ writ prompted Yost to file his brief – claiming that the action « did not justify any expenditure of police resources »

If the affidavit had said the governor turned into a werewolf at midnight and knocked down a liquor store, he had to be fired at first sight

Representative Becker’s affidavit is equally absurd – and does not justify any expenditure of police resources https: // tco / u4mFIFepth

Yost called for Becker to be sanctioned with court costs and made to spend a day observing court cases to better understand how frivolous filings weigh on the court system

Yost believes prosecutor Faris satisfied the legal obligation to investigate by simply reading the PCA, according to Becker

« Of course I think the ordinary meaning of the word investigation means more than that. Consider Merriam-Webster’s definition: ‘to observe or study by careful examination and systematic investigation,’ Becker said

Black’s Law Dictionary defines investigation as: a term meaning to carefully examine and examine, uncover the factor, make a legal investigation Example: Police have fully investigated the wrongdoing charges against the member council, but she was unable to file a complaint as she could not find any corroborating evidence « 

Becker hit back on Monday in his motion calling for Yost to be sanctioned, demanding his resignation and calling his brief an attempt to « harass, intimidate and intimidate the people of Ohio »

Yost Director of Communications Bethany McCorkle said he « laughed » when asked if AG Yost read Representative Becker’s Monday file

Clermont County District Attorney D Vincent Faris has until the week of November 9 to respond to Becker’s writ of mandamus before the Twelfth District Court of Appeal « This is their opportunity to respond to my allegations », Becker said in an interview with The Star on Wednesday

Faris can file a motion to dismiss – in which case Becker has the option of responding

According to Becker, PCAs have been filed in counties of « Clermont, Montgomery, Miami, Wood, Lake, Richland, Adams, Lorain, Allen and Marion, with requests for » people in about 40 other counties « 

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World news – US – The Ohio State Representative’s beef with Governor DeWine now includes Attorney General Yost – The Ohio Star


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