World news – United States – Poloncars on the rise of the Corona virus: ‘This is a life or death situation’


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Erie County Chief Executive Officer Mark Bolloncars suggested that today brings bad news, because COVID-19 is not decreasing. He said Albany might hit the county with a lot more than the diffuse yellow zone, but he is moving to tighter restrictions than orange and red..

« It is time for all of us to understand that the next few weeks are not going to be good. We’ll keep seeing increasing cases. « We will continue to see an increase in hospitalization and, unfortunately, an increase in deaths if we don’t change our methods, » Poloncars said in a short online interview on Tuesday.. . “So I ask you, on behalf of the healthcare professionals in our region who have worked hard during the spring, to work together to limit the spread of COVID..

The county executive said there is widespread COVID-19 in the community and the other problem is bars and restaurants that do not follow the rules of concealment and social distancing.

“When people do not follow the rules properly, I am happy to say that our Health Ministry staff will go out, as well as other local municipalities to inspect bars and restaurants,” Poloncars said. «  The vast majority of them follow the rules and I want to complete the members of the bar and restaurant community who do. «  For most of the epidemic domestically, the county has operated wash lines and received numerous calls about rule violations, from traveling out of state to bars and restaurants.. Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said there were situations where police escorted county health inspectors in some bars where there were problems..

The governor will announce his decision to act at the state level. Poloncars criticized some unnamed politicians who said this was all not a serious thing.

« For those who think this is just politics and for those in the political arena who attack it as a political measure, this is not the case.. this is real. This is not a hoax. « This is not taking power, » he said.. “The last thing I want to do is spend all of my time dealing with COVID-19, but as long as it is in our community, I will. This is not a power grab. This is a life or death situation.

An announcement was expected on Wednesday that Erie County, which has seen a rise in the number of COVID cases, will move from a « yellow zone » status to a potential orange or red.. This change means that many institutions that were able to reopen a few short months ago will issue orders to close again.

Niagara County is among the regions dealing with the ever-increasing number of COVID-19 while planning for mass vaccination once Washington approves one or more vaccines against the virus..

No decision has been taken by the government. Andrew Cuomo on Monday whether the part of Erie County that is already in the ‘yellow zone’ COVID may soon switch to orange or red restrictions. Erie County Chief Executive, Mark Bolloncars said he expects to hear from Albany soon, while admitting the increasing number of cases is not encouraging..

The Poloncars administration announced a new grant program called Erie County Back to Business, funded with $ 20 million from federal CARES Act.

Mark Polloncars, Erie County, Coronavirus

World News – United States – Poloncars on the rise of the Coronavirus: « This is a life or death situation »
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