World News – United States – Pooch Paper on « Shark Tank »: 5 Quick Facts You Should Know


Entrepreneur Tracy Rosensteel took her company, Pooch Paper, to ABC’s Shark Tank to try to get a deal with one of the star investors in the tank

Rosensteel introduced her product to Sharks Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran and Guest Shark Kendra Scott, Founder and CEO of Kendra Scott Jewelry

According to the episode’s synopsis, Rosensteel offers an « eco-friendly alternative to collecting dog feces » As dog waste is usually collected in plastic bags, the paper bag allows dog owners to be better for the environment

According to the Pooch Paper website, Pooch paper is made with paper to provide an alternative to single-use plastic garbage bags

“Our leaves are 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and are made from renewable energy,” the website says “Our fat resistant coating is made during the pulp drying process to ensure that the doodie of your dog stays inside the paper and not on your hand!

The product is made entirely in the United States, and the company’s mission is « to mitigate the destructive effects of plastics on our environment »

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According to the sustainability section of the Pooch Paper website, the paper product is aimed at pet parents who want to be more environmentally friendly

« Research suggests that dog owners use more than 500 million single-use plastic bags for dog waste each year, » the website says « Plastic is generally not biodegradable – it can take longer. 500 years to degrade, if it ever does « 

For this reason, Pooch Paper has decided to do something and come up with a product that is better for the environment

Did you know that humans ingest a credit card-sized amount of plastic every week due to pollutants such as single-use plastic doggie bags and their plastic micro-footprints? Switch your daily consumable to Pooch paper and help save our planet one PUP at a time! #frenchbulldog #frenchie # sustainability #frenchiesofinstagram #nyc #eco #ecofriendly #biodegradable #compostable

At the time of writing this article, Pooch paper can be purchased in a number of ways For the individual consumer, Pooch paper can be purchased in a box of 50 papers for $ 12.99 or as a monthly subscription for a box that will cost $ 11.99 each month

There is also an option for a ‘Pouch Pouch’, which is a zippered pouch that can attach to a dog’s leash, wrist, stroller or belt. The pouch holds up to 20 folded Pooch papers

Another option is to buy a Pooch paper dispenser for dog parks or walking trails.The dispenser costs $ 125 and refills for this dispenser start at $ 50

According to his LinkedIn page, Rosensteel founded Vega Consultin, Inc in New York in 2007 The company is a New York-based trading technology consultancy specializing in the training and implementation of communications systems for Wall Street Rosensteel left the company in 2016

She also previously worked as a sales manager at Vela, and currently works as a producer, director and TV host for « In Pursuit of Passion », a show about traveling around the world

Today Rosensteel works both at Pooch Paper and as Regional Sales Manager at Compass Group, a global catering and service organization

Superb product photo and close-up of our doggie paper! Instructions included! Happy Friday all! 📸 @joymaltese #livegreen

According to All Shark Tank products, Rosensteel was walking her dog, Indiana Jones, in New York City, and she always cleaned up after him while walking around the neighborhood

When she learned that millions of plastic bags ended up in landfills every year, she decided to find a solution to the problem, especially since single-use plastics were to be banned in the city by 2020

She officially launched the business in 2018 and later appeared on GenBiz and the C-Suite network to show off her product.She is now going to Shark Tank to find an investor in her business

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World news – United States – Pooch Paper on « Shark Tank »: 5 quick facts you need to know



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