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(a) Regular Class A Income Distribution for High Yield Fund (0 USD). 021 per share) and Income Fund (0 USD). 012 per share) were announced in the press release of 20. 11. 20 announced.

Insights into Global Poultry Meat Market 2020-2024: COVID-19 Analysis, Drivers, Restrictions, Opportunities, and Threats – Technavio

Inotrem S.. . A. , a biotechnology company specializing in developing immunotherapies that target the TREM-1 pathway, today announced that its Phase IIa study of nangibotide, the company’s lead product for the treatment of severe forms of COVID-19, Declared National Priority Research by US National Priority Research Steering Committee of the French Government for Therapeutic Clinical Trials and Other Research (CAPNET).

In the context of a significant amount of COVID-19-related research and the start of numerous clinical trials, the French government has set up this steering committee to prioritize and accelerate clinical trials with high potential. The National Priority Research Award, given by CAPNET based on the assessment carried out by the REACTing Scientific Council, facilitates the accelerated enrollment of patients in clinical trials, the activation of rapid reviews and approval processes carried out by the French Regulatory Authorities (ANSM) and the French Ethics Committee (CPP) and a better assessment of the active contribution of research centers.

Inotrems Phase IIa clinical trial, which is being conducted in France, Belgium and the US, will determine the safety, tolerability and potential signals of effectiveness of nangibotide, the company’s flagship product, in critically ill COVID-19 patients. This phase IIa study follows a preliminary study by Prof.. . Sbastien Gibot from CHRU in Nancy, who showed that the TREM-1 signaling pathway was activated in critically ill COVID-19 patients and was associated with the result. TREM-1 is an immunomodulatory receptor that is expressed on innate immune and endothelial cells and increases and sustains inflammation. Based on an interim analysis, an independent DMC recommended on Jan.. December 2020 the continuation of the clinical study Inotrem’s Phase IIa, for which results are expected at the beginning of the second quarter of 2021.

Jean-Jacques Garaud, CEO of Inotrem, states: This award as a national research priority is a confirmation of both the work we have done to date in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and the high potential of our flagship product Nangibotide. to treat patients in the intensive care unit with severe forms of COVID-19. Thanks to the strong commitment of the regulatory authorities and the funds provided by Bpifrance, the public investment bank Frances, we were able to start this study in good time with our partners CHRU from Nancy and CHU from Limoges. This governmental designation will allow us to expedite this study and more rapidly assess the therapeutic potential for patients with severe forms of COVID-19.

Prof. . Sbastien Gibot, lead researcher, added: We are very pleased with this decision, which allows us to accelerate patient recruitment in France. We plan to admit a total of 60 patients. The results of the study are expected early in the second quarter of 2021 and will determine the safety, tolerability and potential signals of the effectiveness of nangibotide in COVID-19 patients. Previous clinical studies have shown the safety and tolerability of nangibotides in patients with septic shock, which is also characterized by acute inflammatory syndromes.

At the same time, Inotrem is currently conducting a Phase IIb study (ASTONISH) for the treatment of patients with septic shock with nangibotide in six European countries and in the USA. Previous clinical studies of nangibotide in septic shock showed that it was safe, well tolerated, and showed signs of clinically relevant efficacy. Preclinical models have shown that nangibotide modulates the enhancement of the immune response caused by activation of TREM-1 and is able to restore adequate inflammatory response and vascular function, resulting in improved survival in septic shock models.

Inotrem S.. . A. is a biotechnology company specializing in immunotherapy for acute and chronic inflammatory syndromes. The company has developed a new concept of immunomodulation that targets the TREM-1 pathway to control unbalanced inflammatory responses. Through its proprietary technology platform, Inotrem has developed the world-class TREM-1 inhibitor LR12 (nangibotide), which has potential applications in a number of therapeutic indications such as septic shock and myocardial infarction. At the same time, Inotrem has started another program to develop a new therapy modality for chronic inflammatory diseases. The company was founded in 2013 by Dr. . Jean-Jacques Garaud, former Head of Research and Early Development at the Roche Group, Prof. . Sbastien Gibot and Dr. . Marc Derive. Inotrem is backed by leading European and North American investors. www. inotrem. com

The TREM-1 pathway is an amplification loop of the immune response that induces an exuberant and hyperactivated immune state that is known to play a critical role in the pathophysiology of septic shock and acute myocardial infarction.

Nangibotide is the formulation of the active ingredient LR12, which is a 12 amino acid peptide made by chemical synthesis. LR12 is a specific TREM-1 inhibitor that acts as a deception receptor and interferes with the binding of TREM-1 and its ligand. In preclinical models for septic shock, nangibotide was able to restore the corresponding inflammatory response, vascular function and survival of the animals after septic shock.

The feather-light earbuds ensure a good night’s sleep with a noise-blocking design, soothing sounds, and sleep monitoring

With the new Amazfit ZenBuds, users can sleep better and smarter thanks to their noise cancellation and real-time sleep monitoring features. Amazfit ZenBuds features a sleek, ergonomic in-ear design and fits snugly in your ear to prevent outside noise and provide peace and quiet all night long. Amazfit ZenBuds’ Smart Interference further removes noise while playing soothing, sleep-inducing sounds that automatically turn off as soon as you sleep. In addition, real-time monitoring collects heart rate, posture and movement data and summarizes it in a report that helps you better understand and improve the quality of your sleep. With a battery life of 12 hours, Amazfit ZenBuds can lull you to sleep at night and wake you up in the morning with an in-ear alarm.

The sleep-oriented Amazfit ZenBuds were recently awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2020. Amazfit ZenBuds is known for its highly innovative functions and disruptive design qualities and re-introduces the future of intelligent wearables.

Amazfit ZenBuds are designed to help you fall asleep naturally with ease. No pills, no counting sheep and no clunky noise machines. Just comfy, lightweight, noise-blocking earbuds that gently guide you to sleep – and keep you sleeping all night. Amazfit ZenBuds offer an extensive library of natural, sleep-inducing sounds – from babbling brooks to forest birds – that will calm you down and block out any disturbing noises. When the Smart Playback function is activated, the soothing sounds are automatically interrupted when you fall asleep.

Amazfit ZenBuds is also designed to monitor your sleeping positions, heart rate, and sleep quality so you wake up every morning with insights that can help you develop better sleeping habits. Amazfit ZenBuds fit well and won’t fall out when you sleep – even if you throw and turn around. The state-of-the-art earbuds can also guide you through breathing exercises and help you relax and calm your mind after a busy day.

The ultra-slim and elegant Amazfit ZenBuds weigh only 1. 78 g per earbud. Amazfit ZenBuds has been extensively tested for a secure and comfortable fit and has skin-friendly silicone tips with an elastic and stretchy texture so that they do not put pressure on the ear or slip out easily when moved. Their softness and flexibility make cleaning and replacing a breeze – just stretch and remove the tips. And the silicone earplugs are thermal and sweatproof, so they rest comfortably in the outer ear without examining the ear canal or sinking in too deep.

Amazfit AirRun is a foldable home treadmill with a top speed of 15 kilometers per hour and a load limit of 100 kg. 8 shock absorbers are installed between the footboard and the main frame, effectively absorbing the impact of every step on the treadmill, protecting the knees and at the same time achieving a noise-reducing effect.

Compared to a conventional treadmill, Amazfit AirRun takes up 80% less space after it is folded. The treadmill has built-in speakers from the well-known professional audio brand JBL and is equipped with two surround speakers with Harman sound algorithms to achieve high quality audio output. You can run and immerse yourself in the advanced music quality without wearing headphones.

Amazfit AirRun can simultaneously display heart rate data from the Amazfit Smart Wearable Devices series in real time so that you know the state of your body during exercise. Compared to the traditional hand-held armrest heart rate measurement method for treadmills, the data generated by Amazfit AirRun is instant and easier to monitor. .

Amazfit AirRun can also be linked to the world-famous ZWIFT virtual running application. You can experience several international running routes and adjust the running speed. You can also compete against a group of friends and other online users at the same time.

After the fight is over, the data is immediately shared with exclusive sports applications such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, Runtastic, etc.. synchronized.

Amazfit ZenBuds will be available exclusively from Challenger (Hachi). tech) & ready for use. sg from 18. December to 31. December 2020 at a suggested retail price of 239 SGD. Amazfit AirRun can from 24. December 2020 when pre-ordered. SG and authorized retailers at a suggested retail price of SGD 849. For more information, see: weareready. so called.

Amazfit is an international wearable brand with markets across markets worldwide. Amazfit has been a private label of Huami (NYSE: HMI) since 2015 and has grown into a major brand for intelligent wearable technology.

According to in-house data, a total of 100 million devices have been shipped since Huami was founded in 2013. Huami, Mi Fit and Amazfit mobile apps work hand in hand with smart wearable devices that provide users with comprehensive health management.

Huami is changing the way people connect to the Internet and each other through intelligent wearable technology. Your mission is to connect health with technology. On the 8th. In February 2018, Huami was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Leader Radio Technologies Pte Ltd. . is a leading distributor of innovative consumer electronics brands in Singapore, Hong Kong (HQ), Greater China and Asia Pacific, offering an inspired collection of the most sought-after devices from internationally recognized brands.

Due to its strong marketing acumen and close relationships with all major retail channels in the region, LRT’s product portfolio is sold in virtually every corner of the market. According to renowned market research companies such as GfK and NPD, some products are even the number one best seller. 1 in Hong Kong.

LRT strives to provide more attentive service and the most personal technical support to its customers.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 17. December 2020 – As companies spin and transform their business models amid the pandemic, the skill gap has widened. To ensure the right skills needed to drive transformation, two in three (67%) employers say they are willing to hire people with micro-credentials or industry certifications to fill skills gaps. In addition, most of them are “open” or “very open” (53%) and “somewhat open” (37%) to recruiting candidates with no prior relevant experience but who have completed an industry function or industry-specific skills training. These are some of the key findings of the NTUC LearningHub’s recent survey in The New Normal of Sector Skills report.

The survey, conducted online of 367 business executives (officers or directors and above) and 567 full-time employees in Singapore in October 2020, aimed to uncover the latest employment trends and skills in demand as the workforce settles into the new normal.

When asked if their companies have enough talent to achieve their business goals, generally less than half (48%) agree or totally agree, while nearly three in four employers (72%) Have difficulty filling the roles due to a lack of talent with the required skills.

The three main reasons employers believe that they are the cause of the talent shortage are “compensation packages that are not attractive enough for talent in demand” (54%), “new technologies outperform talent supply the right skills « (51%) and » lack of interest from talent in areas of activity where there is a lack of talent « (49%).

In all industry clusters, employers from manufacturing (61%) and from Trade & Connectivity (54%) are most open to hiring inexperienced candidates who have completed relevant industry skills training, while employers from the built environment ( 68%) and manufacturing (61%) are most open to hiring candidates with no qualifications but who have micro-credentials or industry certifications.

Eugene Wong, Chairman of NTUC LHUB, commented on the findings: “Many industries that once thrived were hit hard by the Black Swan COVID-19 event, and many jobs are changing faster earlier. Some of the most sought-after skills we see today didn’t exist a decade ago, and the same pattern will occur – the core competencies that are essential for the future may no longer be possessed by employees today. ”

“Therefore, it is important to continuously search the horizon to quickly identify emerging trends, qualifications and skills and to gain a first mover advantage that offers more opportunities for work in the future. The first step is often the most difficult, and NTUC LHUB is dedicated to helping employees and employers make that leap through our « think tank » research efforts, which regularly delve deep into Singapore’s market prospects and strategize them with those we provide Link training resources. for the best results in qualification and retraining. ”

Tay Ee Learn, Head of Product Technical Skills at NTUC LHUB, added, “The pandemic has accelerated the need for emerging skills in many industries, and has left many companies with a mismatch between the skills of their employees and the Identify skills required to increase business performance in the New Normal. In the past, many companies focused on hiring employees with a final certification. In order to close the qualification gaps, however, we are experiencing a rethink in which the willingness increases to hire employees with industry-specific qualification training or micro-authorizations. ”

“By leveraging this trend, people looking for new career opportunities can take short courses to further their education and training, as well as to collect micro-references that companies value today. We hope the report guides readers to reassess the market outlook, fill skill gaps, and prepare for growth in 2021. ”

NTUC LearningHub is the leading education provider in Singapore, dedicated to improving the lifelong employability of workers. Since our company was founded in 2004, we have worked with employers and individual learners to provide learning solutions in areas such as cloud, infocomm technology, healthcare, employability, & competency, business excellence, occupational safety, & health, safety, human resources and foreign worker training provide.

To date, NTUC LearningHub has over 21. 000 organizations helped and reached over 2. 5 million training places in more than 500 courses with a pool of over 400 certified trainers. As a provider of total learning solutions for companies, we also form partnerships and offer a wide range of relevant end-to-end training solutions. We are constantly working to improve our training quality and delivery. In 2020 we accelerated our entry into online learning with our Virtual Live courses and asynchronous online courses by working with world class partners like IBM, DuPont Sustainable Solutions and GO1.

Inotrem S.. . A. , a biotechnology company specializing in developing immunotherapies for the TREM-1 pathway, today announced its phase. . .

Over 100 wines, including Ao Yun from LVMH and Long Dai from Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite), are rated for the first time in RPWA. . .

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 17. December 2020 – The pandemic triggered the online florist sales boom in 2020. With social. . .

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 17. December 2020 – Michelin has the “Smart Mobility” award from the European Chamber of Commerce in. . .

Trend Micro survey found that 88% of surveyed companies have accelerated their cloud migration, but only 55% are adding security tools. . .

Lanzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu round off the three largest cities. Heyuan tops the list of smaller cities shown in analysis by the Milken Institute. . .

Enables insurers to create new solutions based on behavioral data on blockchain infrastructure. The cost-saving, secure and highly efficient blockchain technology offers a. . .

TOKYO, JAPAN – Media OutReach – 17. December 2020 – Liquor Innovation Co. . , Ltd (Headquarters: Adachi-ku, Tokyo; Deputy Director: Yasuro Ogiwara) has “KURAND. . .

MWH files a notice of complaint in accordance with the MAS policy to remove the REIT manager from EH-REIT Liquidation. . .

52% believe their organizations lack people with the right skills to meet current business goals. 67% say they do. . .

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World News – US – Putnam announces multi-class open-ended fund distribution rates
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