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World News – United States – « Repeal Section 230 »: Trump lashes out after Twitter & Facebook censored his « flu season » post as Covid « disinformation »

US President Donald Trump has been censored again by Facebook and Twitter after posting that seasonal flu is deadlier to some populations than coronavirus Social media called his post harmful and misleading

After spending the weekend receiving treatment for Covid-19 at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland on Tuesday, Trump posted on both platforms that the United States do not close for seasonal flu, although the disease kills many people each year, even with a vaccine

« Are we going to close our country? No, we have learned to live with it, just like we learn to live with Covid, in most populations that are much less lethal !!! »He argued

This prompted Twitter to call it « misleading and potentially dangerous information » related to Covid-19 You have to click past this notice to even see the tweet, and the responses, retweets and likes have been disabled Facebook, on the other hand, deleted it altogether

« We are removing incorrect information on the severity of Covid-19 and have now removed this post, » Andy Stone, Facebook’s political communications manager, said in a statement

This is the second time Facebook has removed a post from Trump linked to Covid-19 The first took place in early August, when the president said children were « virtually immune » to the effects virus The platform decided that « virtually » was not a sufficient qualifier and to claim that someone was « immune » was a mistake

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company – censor content they deem inconsistent with official information about the virus since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic in March Critics pointed out that applying this consistently would mean censoring WHO, as its own positions on the virus have evolved over time

While the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution bars the government from censorship, ostensibly private platforms such as social media companies have broad discretion to remove content. 1996 on decency of communications, Article 230, gives them legal protection as « platforms » and not « publishers », and allows them to remove « objectionable » content without defining it precisely

Trump let Facebook and Twitter know exactly what he thinks about censorship, tweeting Tuesday afternoon: « REPEAL SECTION 230 !!! »

However, this is unlikely to happen anytime soon, with Democrats holding a majority in the House of Representatives and Trump’s own Republicans less keen on cracking down on Silicon Valley in this way.

In May, the president signed an executive order ordering the federal bureaucracy to interpret section 230 in the strictest sense of « good faith, » and potentially crack down on platforms that behave like publishers. , there has been no enforcement of this so far

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News from the world – United States – « Repeal of article 230 »: Trump attacks Twitter & Facebook censorship his message on ‘flu season’ under the name of Covid ‘disinformation’

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