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As we celebrate Veterans Day on Wednesday, a federal day that honors the men and women who have served in the armed forces, work to raise awareness about a growing problem in New Jersey and across the country – the emergence of homeless female veterans


Senior Lieutenant Commander Christine Lyon, who worked as a nurse in Kandahar, Afghanistan, five years ago, works in the reserves of the Naval Nursing Corps and teaches nursing at several universities while also working part-time in the intensive care unit of the Vertua Voorhees Hospital

Leon is one of the top 25 finalists in Mrs. America Veteran 2020, a competition with returns focused on raising awareness about the issue of displaced women who have served in the military

She officially said there are 4,300 homeless women fighting in New Jersey and across the country, but the real number is probably double or triple that because the homeless population could easily miss these people

« Most women, fearing for their safety and the safety of their children, will not go out. They may be in their cars, and they may be browsing the couch with friends and family, so they will not be counted in the numbers. »

She said that VA hospitals are asking veterinarians if they need housing assistance. “But we also know that 80% of female veterans do not use the Veterans’ account for their services, leaving a large number of unsupported and unsupported female veterans represented. ”

“We don’t know how bad the problem is even in our country and it makes it really difficult to allocate resources,” she said.

A spokesperson for the State Department for Military and Veterans Affairs said there are no specific numbers of homeless veterans by the state and that two federally funded housing facilities for homeless veterans in the state are for males only.

Leon said the country also has 12 transitional housing facilities for displaced veterans, but none that allow children

“Even at the VA level, there are very few programs to help displaced female veterans, and fewer who help displaced women veterans with children.

“The reality is that women have been serving in the army or assisting in the army since the Revolutionary War; we have been here all the time, and we are serving our country faithfully. We are in tankers and submarines and in combat, and we are in the units of guards and marine units.”

She said an organization called Final Salute is now dedicated to helping displaced female veterans and their children get back on their feet and find safe and appropriate housing in New Jersey and other states

Veteran, New Jersey

World News – United States – An escalating problem – Veterans who are homeless
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