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After the biggest (see: second) victory of Mike Norvell’s career at Florida State, FSU looks to capitalize on the offensive explosiveness and robustness of the defensive line this Saturday against Louisville Our Trustworthy Staff and maybe disturbed got together to bring you, dear reader, their individual ideas and forecasts for this ACC noon

What impressed me the most about the Norvell team was that they didn’t quit There were a lot of individual mistakes that resulted in a terrible on-unit & group play , but what I have never seen missing is the effort and intensity I know this fits firmly under ‘moral victories’, but for me it is the predecessor of execution

That said, UL is an interesting game for FSU According to advanced stats, they are in the top 20 offensives and the last 40 defenses So I immediately think of the Big 12 shooting

The UL under Scott Satterfield has committed and continues to be engaged in the out-of-zone race They do so from 12/21 staff and Pistol formation This is no coincidence; the half shotgun allows the RB to engage at full speed in the OZ race, as it can just run at full speed to the mesh point without changing direction This can give the RB that extra step needed to beat the edge, or at least drag the pursuit defense so far to the outside that it can cut back against an on-chasing defense But regardless, Kevin’s video explains it all in a more entertaining way In short, I think UL is going to shake up FSU’s defense for big cuts if the attack runs into trouble

Having said that, I really like our game against UL defense I know they just performed well against a ND team who obliterated us for a half But they blitzed like crazy and forced ND to throw it in winds of 25 mph with great effect But UL will not have that midday element, which is predicted to be a rainless day in the mid 50s with light winds

I’ll let Ricobert1 have all the words and keep mine for Monday’s episode of The Triple Option

I shared my thoughts on this week’s opponent preview The Seminole Wrap Louisville is top to bottom, where their heads are, and how FSU is going to handle the kick midday? Here are some of the stories I pay close attention to entering the Hawkins vs. Ten contest is a battle to watch with Cunningham vs. FSU secondary offside Unfortunately, I don’t think FSU can back down and pitch well enough to keep up with ‘Town

It seems almost foreign to be excited for an FSU football game based on the performance of their last game, but I hope this team handles their follow-up of the UNC game with confidence and confidence. I think the outcome ultimately depends on whether the defense makes enough saves, and I’m confident the good guys will manage to make another save. Give me the « Noles in a single possession game

Part of the 1% improvement is dealing with adversity and success; The « Noles will prove they can handle the Player of the Game success? » Cam Mcdonald

I have no idea what he said FSU is getting better, but 1-4 Louisville is a five point favorite? okay This season isn’t about wins anyway, but hopefully FSU can avoid the cliché deception game I think this game could go both ways and is great for wild shenanigans

This is the kind of soft factor validation that will definitely hurt me at 2:36 pm tomorrow, but really, after hearing the way the coaches and players have expressed themselves this week, I truly believe the message of « every game counts » and that effort brings results has fallen, and that the taste for first half success against UNC balanced with not being up to the second half has instilled the perfect level of confidence in this team – they know they can do it, but they know things can be super fast if they don’t If Jordan Travis can stay healthy (and the offensive line can too) and the defense manages to replicate their efforts from 50% of the game last week to at least 75% of the game, I have a lot of confidence in that. The team finds its rhythm in the bye

I keep coming and going on this one The state of Florida showed signs of life against Notre Dame two weeks ago and used that momentum to anger North Carolina The win was excellent but they only really did what they needed to do for a half. Admittedly, UNC made very good plays in the second half and Jordan Travis was injured, but FSU still showed that they may not have been ready for prime time

Louisville just lost narrowly to Notre Dame and at 1-4 their season will likely be determined by this week’s game Winning and they see some hope and could rush to a seven-game winning season ( their schedule was very busy up front), losing and the bottom could drop I think Satterfield is a quality head coach and I don’t think the team will step down

I don’t think the FSU will cease either, but I think there are more holes in FSU’s roster than Louisville I think this game is really a draw Who was most real for them last week? FSU’s victory over UNC on a solid first half or the late Louisville losing to ND with the help of the wind?

I really had a hard time choosing this game I think it’s a full draw Louisville is clearly not a typical 1-4 team, despite their defensive struggles I think the State of Florida will have plenty of long scoring sessions on Saturday and will continue to lead football well

But as they did last Saturday against Notre Dame, the Cardinals will limit possessions against the Noles After giving up more than 500 yards last week, it remains to be seen if the FSU defense will be able to contain the Louisville ground game this afternoon

A key statistic in this game will be who is running the most successful football between the two. I like this game to be an extremely close coinflip and return to final possession

By the middle of the 3rd quarter this game will be in the trash Cardinal fans won’t get 50% off their Papa John orders this weekend

The Noles will roll as if they hadn’t flipped in 3 years Defense will dominate UL’s attack, and our attack will have its way playing 3 different QBs Finally, the special teams will pursue their Joe Wessel and the magic of kick blocking inspired by the Noles of 1984

For the third week in a row I choose FSU to cover, but can they bring sod home? That’s an interesting question.I haven’t been impressed with Louisville even since last year A lot of people have praised Satterfield for improving the Cardinals’ winning tally from 2 to 8, but what went wrong? really been accomplished? Louisville wasn’t as bad as a two-win team in 2018, they just gave up on Petrino, and last year’s wins mostly came against bad teams like East Kentucky, West Kentucky and North Carolina Heck, Willie Taggart went 2-0 against UL, and now the Cardinals are just 1-4

But at the same time, learning how to win is a skill and I’m just not sure if I’m convinced that FSU has matured mentally to the point that I can put together three impressive performances in a row (ND’s performance was impressive, even though There are also questions about Travis’s health If he’s slowed down it might take some of the explosiveness off the Seminole attack But maybe the biggest question mark is to kick L The State of Florida has a real problem with placekicker and it almost cost the « Noles against UNC »

In the end, I see FSU coming out the gates a bit slowly, but Travis plays against his old team to bring back Florida state Unfortunately, the « Noles miss a kick that could have sent him to OT and are not up to the task

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World news – United States – Predictions of the staff: Florida State Seminoles vs Louisville Cardinals



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