World News – United States – Tasmanian demons return to mainland Australia after 3,000 years


Marsupial Feisty freed in a sanctuary in an attempt to revive the population ravaged by a contagious facial tumor

Tasmanian demons have been released on mainland Australia thousands of years after fiery marsupials were extinguished there, in what environmentalists described Monday as « historic » milestone

Aussie Ark, along with a coalition of other conservation groups, said they released 26 of the carnivorous mammals at a 400-hectare (1,000-acre) sanctuary in Barrington Tops, about 35 hours north of Sydney

Tim Faulkner, president of Aussie Ark, said the « historic » outings in July and September were the first steps in a project similar to the successful decision to return the wolves to Yellowstone National Park in the United States. United in the 1990s

After 16 years of work, including setting up the largest Tasmanian devil breeding program in mainland Australia, Faulkner said it was « amazing and surreal » to have achieved the goal

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« Our biggest native predator on the continent is the quoll tiger – and it weighs just over a kilo – so bringing back something of this enormity is huge »

The Tasmanian Devils are making a comeback with the help of some friends! Friends from @wildark, @ChrisHemsworth and @Elsapataky_ helped reintroduce 11 demons to the wild on September ten @Aussie_ark is watching demons and all seem to be doing well #DevilComeback #RewildAustralia picTwittercom / Uck8P30DRR

Tasmanian devils, which weigh up to 8 kilograms (18 pounds) and have black or brown coats, typically feed on other native animals or scavenge carcasses

According to government environmental authorities, demons are not dangerous to humans or livestock, but will defend themselves if attacked and can cause serious injury

The animals – known for their extremely loud growls, powerful jaws, and fierceness when facing rivals for food or companions – are classified as endangered after a contagious facial tumor ravages the remaining population in Tasmania, an island state off the south coast of the continent

Fewer than 25,000 Tasmanian devils are estimated to still live in the wild, up from 150,000 before the deadly disease first struck in the mid-1990s

On the Australian mainland, they were said to have been wiped out by packs of dingoes – wild dogs native to the vast continent – around 3,000 years ago

Faulkner said he hoped the project would create an « insurance population » against facial tumor disease, which so far has been shown to be incurable, and help restore the original environment

« Demons present one of the only natural solutions to controlling fox and cat, and fox and cat are responsible for nearly all of our 40 mammal extinctions (in Australia), » he added.

Tasmanian Devil populations in Tasmania have been ravaged by contagious facial cancer Environmentalists hope the release of carnivores on the mainland will help create a disease-free population and restore the environment [William West / AFP Photo] « We’ve put healthy young demons. We’re putting them on now, which gives them the best six months time to settle down, find their territory (and) prepare for breeding » which usually takes place in February, Faulkner said

Forty more are expected to be released over the next two years at the sanctuary, located on land purchased by Aussie Ark for its suitable habitat, large number of herbivores, and location near a national park

He said he was convinced that close monitoring of the Tasmanian demons as they made the « massive transition » back to nature, without food, water or shelter for the first time in their lives, would ensure the rapid program success

As part of the “ambitious” reforestation program, Aussie Ark plans to eventually introduce more animals into unfenced areas, where they will face a much wider range of new threats, including wildfires. bush

The Tasmanian Devil is one of seven species essential to the Australian ecosystem that Aussie Ark plans to reintroduce to the wilderness sanctuary in the years to come, along with quolls, bandicoots and rock wallabies

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News from the world – United States – The Tasmanian Devils are back on the Australian continent after 3000 years


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