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YOUNGSTOWN – As Election Day drama unfolds across the country, local election officials expect a rather subdued day as residents of the Mahoning Valley have already voted

Of the nearly 170,000 registered voters in Mahoning County, 66,385 people voted, representing over 56% of the county’s turnout in the 2016 election, when 117,636 votes were cast

Mahoning County Election Board Tracks Partisan Affiliations of Missing Ballot Candidates and First Voters; County of Trumbull does not release party affiliation for early voting

Early voting ended at 2 p.m. Monday, and as of 4 p.m. Mahoning officials reported these results:

Of the roughly 140,000 registered voters in Trumbull County, 57,802 people have already voted, roughly 59% of the county’s turnout in the 2016 election, when 97,700 votes were cast As of 4 pm, officials said:

The pandemic pushed voters to vote earlier than election day, said Tom McCabe, deputy director of the Mahoning County Board of Elections He expects a turnout of around 72% in total

Trumbull County Deputy Warden Ron Massullo also doesn’t expect a deluge of voters today He assumes about 45,000 Trumbull County voters will vote in person today

Among early voters, registered Democrats outnumber registered Republican voters in Mahoning County Although Trumbull County does not release this information, Massullo said it was more of an even division there

« Based on the [number] of ballots used in 158 constituencies, I think we get an equal gauge across all levels of the two main parties »

In Trumbull County, 33% of voters are registered Democrats, 211% of voters are registered Republicans, and 457% of voters are unaffiliated

Columbiana County has 66,293 registered voters, about a third of whom have already voted On the eve of the election, the polling station had received 21,954 early or absent ballots, Deputy Director Bryce Miner said

« We certainly surpassed » the early turnout in the 2016 general election, when around 10,500 residents voted early or by mail, he said This election, around 5% of voters who requested postal ballots did not return them, he added.

Of this year’s pre-election voters, around 56% are unaffiliated; 29 percent are registered Republicans; and 21% are registered Democrats, Miner said

About 47,000 voters, or nearly 72% of registered voters, voted in the 2016 general election Miner said he expected a 70-75% turnout in this election

“Our election officials are ready to do all the housework and social distancing,” he said “Columbiana County residents will be ready for this I know it’s going to be an unprecedented day”

McCabe and Massullo also said they felt prepared when it came to sanitation, poll workers and security

In addition to the election officers assigned to each polling station, Massullo also has around 150 trained officers on standby, in case more is needed McCabe also said he has a surplus of poll workers

Massullo met with Trumbull County Sheriff Paul Monroe and spoke to every police department in Trumbull County

The police have « a better knowledge of the location of our polling stations », said Massullo « And each of them will participate in one way or another »

McCabe said MPs are on hold in Mahoning County and he does not expect any further problems today at the polls

« There will be local candidates inside the flags – the same problems every year, » he said, referring to the ban on campaigning within 30 meters of a government office. vote

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World News – United States – Valley officials expect a discreet election day


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