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Obviously disappointed with the result tonight I think you owe Atlanta and Coach (Raheem) Morris for getting these guys ready to play over a short week and I thought they did just fine played Like I told our guys I appreciate our guys efforts I thought we were playing hard I thought there were a lot of guys who were pushed into action who stepped up There were guys that were playing in the clearance squad that were suddenly there I give them a lot of credit They went there they competed and I appreciate that effort But with all that being said it wasn’t enough good to win All we can do now is come back and try to improve I think we have a good team We had for the third week in a row the ball with an opportunity at the end of going to win the game But some things need to improve We’ll take a few days this weekend We’ll regroup. We’ll get some guys back. Be a healthier team next week and have a race here in the second half

I’ll only talk about the guys on the team and the guys who play. Not having Rasul [Douglas] is obviously a big thing for us Donte [Jackson] made this great choice and was sadly down after that J ‘ thought after that Stantley [Thomas-Oliver] went over there and competed, did a good job Corn [Elder] went from nickel to safety Myles [Hartsfield] then had to step in and play nickel at different times Troy [Pride Jr], I have to see the movie We just had too many defensive penalties tonight Too many chances where we maybe could have gone off the pitch I think we had a penalty in the first half time and finished with six Five penalties in the second half Better get out of the field Too many readers extended We kept them at 3 of 9 on the third try, at least that’s what my sheet says, but extended too many readers with defensive penalties

Offensively we just struggled to block their foreheads I felt like Teddy [Bridgewater] was under duress (We) couldn’t really get our receivers to work We have a great receiving core Last game, we were able to get them involved earlier We had some big games We were able to convert the third downs As I look here, we were 2 out of 10 in third place We just can’t live like that Obviously we scored, we had the big game But that was the main difference for me Then defensively the last time I don’t really remember what happened I think Julio [Jones] offensively obviously makes a little difference We have better stopped the run today They average 36 yards on the ground It was a passing game for them and really at the end of the day I thought Matt Ryan was the difference Scrambling There were times when I think we had three sacks, all in the first half, and we were lucky enough to sack him a few times He made a touchdown from 20 yards and you know that ‘he doesn’t do that very often He converted another third so I thought his playing was really a difference to them

He entered (the medical tent) He erased They came back I don’t know what they did inside They followed the protocol They said he had deleted the protocol He was standing He was trying to soften his neck and eventually when it did he got back into the game

I think neither of us played really well tonight I think he had a good time You know the chip flicker, the pass he threw was fantastic But as you have it said, (he) was a little bit under stress There was a lot of pressure (He) took a lot of punches but, at the same time, I can’t say that neither of us played well enough in attack to deserve to win a match

RE: Atlanta stacks the box in defense and if injuries in defense had an impact

We never want to make excuses That being said, we can’t wait to get Yetur [Gross-Matos] Donte [Jackson] back in good health and Rasul [Douglas] back There are a lot of guys who are great. part of what we do defensively and offensively that are stoned It’s just the reality of where we are and what happened All these guys played this game last time around and we would love to have them But, the guys who went there, they are the ones that worry me. You have to play better

They (Atlanta) were pushing They were playing a few times on the second run Even on the four-man race there were too many times he had to flush Even the last game in the game I know we had a grip and that he had to flush so You can’t really win when you can’t control the line of scrimmage I don’t feel like we are in control of the line of scrimmage today

Difficult loss We just have to find ways to end these games It can’t be the common thing here, come short We’re starting this weekend, we’re in the middle of the season, I think it’s the great time for us to reflect – see some of the things we did well the first half of the season and see what we need to get better.A game like today you know you’re going to get the best of a team They know us well, we knew them well We just missed They played a good game today Obviously we like to finish with points, but hats off to these guys

It was just a room I was pocketing I just knew someone had taken their leg out of Atlanta and the moment I was tripped I was tripping and I knew that at some point , guys were swarming so i just tried to get down and protect myself I don’t really know who hit me, I just know someone got kicked out I was in the tent when this all happened so I couldn’t really see I know we’re done with it a basket so I think the guys answered correctly

The guy pulled his leg out and they threw a flag for it The guy was just trying to keep me from scrambling but at the same time it was a flag The hit, I’m probably going to go back and watch what s ‘happened, but I really can’t answer that

As the season progresses, teams get more movies about you You play more games and teams come up with different ways to try and get past the quarterback I think those guys had a good plan and we did a good job for the most part, but these guys also made games

The guy played on the ball He fell off Curtis [Samuel] and he ended up right there in the right place at the right time I wish I could throw the ball at Curtis or something, but live, the guy has just made a play

I really have to go back and watch the tape, as this could also be a performance on our behalf, but these guys had a great game plan They knew some of the things we wanted to do and they had answers You watch the tape and we have to assess what these guys did well and what we didn’t do so well

I mean we just gotta run Like I say every week no matter how many touchdowns I score or what I do individually I always feel like I’m not doing enough That [its touchdowns] happened in the first half We as a unit, myself included, we just need to perform better That’s all that comes down to

They came out at the start of the game and showed us a little more man, then more around the second half, they started to disguise him, going in two, playing the second, the third They started to change a bit in the second half, but that really has nothing to do with anything

It’s great Having to play a game on Sunday and then take a quick lap, play on Thursday, we need a rest I’m a younger guy, it’s not hard for me to really bounce back Everyone has nicks and bruises but especially for older men it is really good for them to do their body well We all need to recover mentally, take time out and spend time with our family, if anyone has kids, do it Just to be right, get us excited for the second half of the season

It’s a brotherhood here, everyone supports each other No one on our o-line will allow anyone to take a chance on our quarterback He’s our quarterback and we have to protect him Teddy is tough, he returned to the field He showed it and finished the game with us

Oh yeah everyone felt that Every time your quarterback falls like this nobody is happy Everyone is trying to go after these guys because we are trying to protect our players especially our quarterback He leads our team We didn’t like the hit All we could do was move forward PJ came into the game, came forward and tried to get things done, tried to score Like I said , Teddy came back and finished the game with us

We just have to execute We actually committed a lot of penalties so we were hurting each other a lot It’s the majority for most

We hit the pitch and it was actually icy, so coach [Rhule] called it off, but I saw the short edge so I ended up calling it It was something that we talked all week We knew they had that short edge so after icing it I saw the short edge and just called it

How tough It’s part of the brand, it’s part of what we stand for here and he’s illustrated it firsthand

I’m not sure why the penalties added up in the second half compared to the first half, but it really hurt us

RE: Injuries and missing starters prevent the defense from leaving the field in third position

No I can’t say that We have guys who can play football in any position We just don’t have to take penalties, lock in and stop, that’s all

RE: In the last two losses there have been silver liners, what the mood looks like after this and if it’s a disappointment

Yeah, there is disappointment We know how well we can play, attack and defend We just didn’t do the job It was a team that obviously we felt we could get out of and beat This is why we feel what we feel

It’s a long season It doesn’t matter We’re disappointed that we suffered the loss, but we can’t refine on that, we can’t let this one happen to us next week So we have to do a good job to get in here, see what we’ve done wrong, see what we can perform better and tackle that because we have more games left and we can fight to get there, there there are options to go 11-and -five There are more games left so we won’t mind this one after watching the movie

Third at the bottom; if I’m going to speak from a defensive point of view, third at the bottom We have to find a way out of the field in third We’ve had them in a manageable range a few times today, whether it’s penalties, big plays, guys don’t fall in areas we hurt each other The biggest is when we get hurt it’s the only time people move the ball on us that’s what we notice in the movie , he’s a dude out of his hole, he’s a dude with a penalty, he’s a dude out of the zone We’re not injured because guys are so much more special than us, we just have to make a best job at our job, all a 11

RE: Impressions of young high school players with injured Donte Jackson and how it all worked out

It wasn’t the first game Obviously I had D Jack a few games but it’s something I’m proud to ensure that our young high school student can play at a high pace, at a very talented We play some of the best You’ve got Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley out there giving these guys the confidence to go play and not give up on the big game The guys have given up on the games here and there but none over the top for touchdowns and that’s a lot to ask the young guys who play these guys i like that these guys step up and keep helping us and i have to do whatever i can to get these guys ready because they are able to play

RE: As the leader of the defense, how he makes sure the team doesn’t go through a losing streak like last year

You have to take it a week at a time You can say 11 and 5 for the big picture, but we have to start with four and five and that is what it is about play game by game and get back to the 1% coach We just need to improve by one percent Again, I just told you that a lot of what is happening to us is not the other team, it’s are we the ones who hurt ourselves Once we take that out I see us being a great team

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World News – United States – Ce They Said: Panthers-Falcons Post-Game Quotes On TNF
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What They Said: Postgame Quotes from Panthers-Falcons on TNF
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