World News – United States – World Series 2020 Game 6 Open Thread


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Mondays sucks, and Mondays without really bad baseball, and I just realized that we are now watching a long streak of Mondays without baseball, and after tonight, a long streak of Tuesdays without baseball, and even so the rays can hang on and push this thing to seven games, it’s just a long streak of nights without baseball, and darkness, and no fall league baseball, and oh no, spiraling now

But wait! LIDOM matches begin in the Dominican Republic on November 15th Navigators’ super-prospect Julio Rodríguez will play for Leonoes de Escogido, and you can sign up to watch all LIDOM matches here for a relatively modest price – I think that’s it. was about twenty bucks last year I didn’t, but this year I think I’m spending my MLB TV savings on it Anyone else planning on doing the TV package? Maybe we could schedule viewing evenings and game chats if we had enough interest

But maybe I’m praising the 2020 season too soon! The Rays have one more chance to force a Game Seven, which they should do, as the Game Sevens rule The Flappy Woods of Tampa Bay will deploy Blake Snell to try to save their season, while the Dodgers roll with Tony Gonsolin, the recently crowned Baseball America Rookie of the Year, and can we talk about that for a minute? Here is their explanation on it, in case you haven’t read it ($), and I’m hmm about it, and not just because I’m constantly getting his name wrong like “Tony Gosselin” Gonsolin really was good when he was on his feet, but the Dodgers picked him up a few times during that shortened season, and by the end he had only pitched 462 innings Marco Gonzales, if you want a contrast for a normal starting pitcher’s charge, threw 692 (nice point two) And the postseason stats shouldn’t go into it, obviously, but he’s got a 939 ERA and a 17 WHIP in the postseason, mainly used as an opener, and therefore my hmmm

BA explains their logic of wanting to make a choice that will hold up over time, but to me it feels like the opposite of that, and I think passing Kyle Lewis, Luis Robert, and Jake Cronenworth won’t particularly age Eh well, if only because pitchers are so fragile and once Luis Robert gets his bearings in MLB he will do really bad things in baseball for a very long time And also not be super-homerish here, but KLew has almost a full year of AB between last season and this season with the best sustained hitting record

Okay, that was a bit of a rant, but I didn’t want to write a full article on KYLE LEWIS SNUBBED FOR ROY BY BASEBALL AMERICA (I don’t even know if it was!) but I did. had a few The feelings I needed to get out Thanks for making it Back to tonight’s baseball game, in which Tony Gonsolin will likely throw a Maddux, just to shame the devil (me The Devil c ‘is me) I wouldn’t even be mad about it, tbh, because one cat person supports another cat person

Ji-Leadoff-Man? Oh hell yes Eagle-eyed readers will notice the Rays have revamped their lineup a bit, while the Dodgers have stuck to their strategy of assembling their collection of rocket launchers and heavy artillery led by the Twin Powers. by Betts-Seager

Also! For weather watchers, apparently conditions are a bit stormy in the heart of Texas:

Update: the roof will indeed be closed Kyle Seager has already managed a home run there anyway

Game time is 5:00 p.m. on Fox Let’s all close our eyes and maybe let the last baseball of 2020 wash over us (then immediately open our eyes because hey, look, baseball)

World Series, Tampa Bay Rays

World News – United States – World Series 2020 Game 6 Open Thread


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