World news – Urgent alarm for elderly women who are absent for days in bad rain


Published: 08:05 GMT March 19, 2021 | Updated: 08:05 GMT, March 19, 2021

Police have launched an urgent alert and SMS campaign over fears that an elderly woman will go missing in bad rain.

The 78-year-old Adele Morrison was last seen leaving her home in Port Macquarie, on the north-central New South Wales coast, early Tuesday morning, before being reported missing the next day.

Police and family said she was Have serious concerns about the welfare of Ms. Morrison due to their age and the heavy rainfall and flooding in the area.

A severe weather warning is in place on the central north coast of New South Wales as heavy rains hit the area on Fridays and weekends. A 600 mm rain pile is forecast for some areas.

The police have launched an urgent alarm and SMS campaign as the missing woman Adele Ferguson (pictured) fears she will be lost in bad rain

Ms. Morrison is said to have driven a red 2017 Toyota Corolla (pictured) with registration number DSN 47R from New South Wales and was last seen in a shopping center in Gloucester, a two-hour drive south of Port Macquarie.

A shopping center in Gloucester, a two-hour drive south of Port Macquarie, at around 10:45 on March March.

Their whereabouts thereafter are unknown and the family said it was unusual for them not to be in regular contact with them.

Ms Morrison is described as a Caucasian, about 5 feet tall, of medium height with gray hair and hazel or green, gold, and brown eyes.

Ms. Morrison was believed to be a red 2017 Toyota Corolla with the license plate DSN 47R in New South Wales.

Police issued an urgent text alert to residents of Gloucester, Barrington, Stratford and Weismantels to find the woman.

Meteorologists have reported the people living on the coast warned to expect an « absolute deluge », as the 1,200 km long weather system is gradually moving south (picture)

Meteorologists have warned people living on the coast to expect an « absolute deluge » as the 1,200 km long weather system is gradually moving south.

« Heavy rains can develop over the central north coast and parts of the hunter, which can lead to dangerous and life-threatening flash floods, » warned the Bureau of Meteorology on Friday morning.

During of the wild weather event, up to 600 mm of rain can fall in Coffs Harbor in the next 36 hours Coast, Sydney Metro and Illawarra coasts and the far west.

The greatest risk is on the central north coast, where the Orara, Bellinger and Hastings rivers are closely watched before light to moderate on Friday Flooding is to be expected.

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