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World news – US – 11 things to know before visiting Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery is the final resting place for more than 400,000 veterans, as well as two U-S Chiefs The sprawling cemetery covers more than 620 acres and is managed by the National Park Service Here's what to know before you visit

Arlington National Cemetery, across the Potomac River directly from Washington, D.C. Is America the holy place for those who died in service of their country The rolling hills of Arlington were first used as a burial ground in 1864 during the American Civil War, and are the resting place The last of more than 400,000 veterans and their families, participants in all major wars fought by American forces, were buried in Arlington Two Yos Presidents were buried here as well, and many events and people are memorialized.

The sprawling cemetery covers more than 620 acres and is managed by the National Park Service.There’s a lot of ground to cover, so you’ll want to plan your visit in advance of your arrival that way you can include the sections that matter most to you

Read on to learn more about Arlington National Cemetery and all it has to offer to inspire visitors to its Holy Land

Before this green plot was a cemetery, the home of the George Washington family The Arlington House that still stands today was built on a hilltop for the descendants of the children of Washington George Washington Park Costis commissioned the house in 1818 as a residence and also as a memorial to the man and military hero who loved

The revival-style Greek mansion contained a collection of George Washington’s legacies, including furniture, portraits, and Chinese. Mary, the only daughter of the Custis family, grew up here and married Robert E. Lee in 1831 the couple lived in Arlington House until the outbreak of the Civil War In May 1861

The house is currently closed to tourists during a long renovation period but you can sit on the front porch steps in the shade of the colonnades and enjoy the stunning view across the river to the Washington Mall If you plan to spend the day in Arlington prepare a light lunch. Head up the steps and settle in Time of refreshment with unparalleled view

The Lee family left their home when Robert E. Lee left for the war, Ios and then the army occupied the estate due to its ideal location on high ground opposite the nation’s capital. Union forces also built forts on the ground, which are today known as Fort Myer and Fort McPherson. You can visit the Fort site. McPherson today by going to Section 11 of Arlington

During the American Civil War, in 1863, Friedman Village was established on the Arlington estate. The village supported thousands of people fleeing slavery in the South. The community grew to include 1,500 people and provided farmland, a hospital, churches, schools, and a home for the elderly that was closed in 1900.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is one of the highlights of any visit to Arlington. This iconic monument of white marble stands on top of a hill and features sculpted Greek figures representing peace, victory and courage. The inscription reads: « Here lies the glory of an American soldier known only to God. » ?? Under the marble is the tomb of a soldier who fought in the First World War.

The memorial, which was consecrated in 1921, is guarded 24/7. Military guards consider this a privilege to the extent that they commit to living for duty for two years. They are required to preserve the sites of more than 300 cemeteries in Arlington and know the history of the military cemetery


The guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is changed every half hour from April to September and every hour during the remaining months while watching the guards prepare to change. Note that each guard takes exactly 21 steps down the black carpet behind the grave and then the guard turns, faces east for 21 Second, then turn around and face north for 21 seconds after that, the guard takes 21 steps on the carpet and repeats this because the number 21 represents the highest military honor (as it does in 21 salute rounds)

I was waiting for the party, I was in the midst of a noisy crowd, including students who were socializing the moment the party started. All attendees were completely silent, respectfully it is a realistic experience that you will always remember

While the Unknown Soldier from WWI is the focus of the celebration, look west to see the white marble slabs marking the cellars of Unidentified Soldiers from WWII and the Korean War

Make sure your plans in Arlington include a short visit to President John F. Kennedy’s Cemetery The Eternal Flame commemorates the President and his wife Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis The story is that shortly before his untimely death, President Kennedy visited Arlington and stood here below Arlington home when he looked at the River Potomac, note that he could stay there forever when he was killed, his family requested that this be his last resting place

Over 16 million people visited the Kennedy Cemetery Other family members – including Robert Kennedy, Edward Kennedy, and Joseph Kennedy – are buried nearby. You can find their graves using this map.

Before you go, read our comprehensive list of monuments and memorials in Arlington You may want to pick a few to put at the top of your list Monuments U o History covers from the Civil War to the present For example, you can find the Nurses Memorial, the Memorial For Space Shuttle Challenger and Beirut Barracks Memorial I looked for the Bulge Memorial Battle because I was planning to visit the battle sites in Bastogne

The Arlington National Cemetery Arboretum features ornamental plants and beautiful trees. The arboretum includes many acres of Arlington, the landscape is decorated with gardens and trees planted in memory of veterans As you wander around, you may encounter a section of majestic trees or colorful plants that give a sense of peace to the burial

Arlington was designated as a nursery in 2014 to mark its 150th anniversary. Arlington not only contains over 500 species of plants, but is also involved in tree science and conservation.

While visiting Arlington, save yourself from walking and riding the trams Trams depart every hour from the Welcome Center at the entrance to Arlington The tour currently goes to two stops: Memorial Street and Kennedy Tomb You will hear a historical explanation as you ride Check the website for the latest information on times And prices

Pro tip: I enjoyed touring the tram, and also ended up walking to sections of Arlington where the trams don’t go ???? Feel free to get a lift from the tram but also to explore on your own

While planning your visit, look at an Arlington map to see where you want to go first and which route to take If you have a morning – or even an entire day – you won’t be able to see the entire Arlington so use this official map to help you prioritize your time You can print this Map and take it with you or save it to your smartphone

Download the ANC Explorer app before your visit to have maps and information at your fingertips. Not only will you be able to quickly locate a specific cemetery, but you will also be able to find the nearest restroom or check the time of the next changing of guard ceremony. You can also browse the sections related to archeology. Monuments or notable graves of interest to you.

A visit to Arlington National Cemetery will save you a lot to think about. Here life, death and dedication are honored. It’s a privilege to walk these paths in the presence of famous heroes and every day

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World News – US – 11 things to know before visiting Arlington National Cemetery

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