World News – US – 49ers rookie DT Javon Kinlaw signs Jared Goff for Pick-Six


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There was absolutely no question about Javon Kinlaw’s talent and status as a high profile candidate for the first round in the 2020 design class. While Kinlaw’s sack numbers in South Carolina weren’t that great, all you had to do was look at the tape and you would understand that for any defense coordinator who got his hands on this guy, good things would happen.

201. That’s the number of snaps Kinlaw played in nose tackle for South Carolina last season, which really wasn’t ideal – the 6’6 « , 302-pound Kinlaw is best for a three-technique Role in which to use his strength and speed to get to the quarterback. Despite this positional error, he still amassed six sacks, seven quarterback hits, and 26 quarterback rushes in 352 pass rushing snapshots.

The 49ers picked Kinlaw 14th. Overall victory they got from the Colts in the DeForest Buckner trade, and it got better and better as the season went on. Last Sunday against the saints. he set up 1. 5 sacks and three total pressures and three stops.

The only thing Kinlaw hadn’t done yet was that he hadn’t received any coverage during his first NFL season, and after that 27-yard pick-six, Jared Goff probably wishes that had been maintained.

« I feel like Kinlaw is here, he had some opportunities, he missed a step and that only comes with time and repetition and learning, » said Robert Saleh, defensive coordinator of the 49ers, in early November, just before the rookie breaking out. « I believe he will get all of this. He is just hungry for knowledge and is constantly trying to learn from everything. So I think he’s a guy who doesn’t fail. ”

Indeed. With this pick-six, Kinlaw has placed itself in an interesting niche, according to the Pro Football Reference. Since 1950, only six rookie defensive tackles have returned an interception for a touchdown: Greg Johnson for the Buccaneers in 1977, Warren Sapp of the Buccaneers in 1995, James Jones of the Browns in 1991, Jamal Williams for the Chargers in Year 1998, Kinlaw today, and one guy who did it for the 1998 Cowboys is… Danny Noonan.

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World news – US – 49ers rookie DT Javon Kinlaw gets Jared Goff for the pick six
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