World News – US – ABC News host erupts after Trump demands that vote count stop: ‘NOT going to happen!


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Donald Trump falsely claimed he beat Joe Biden to win the presidency when knife voting was still too close to be called The Republican President claimed there was « fraud on the American nation « and said he would go to Supreme Court to stop vote counting as nail biting contest continues The Democratic challenger, who has long anticipated an attempt to M Trump to question the outcome, said earlier his campaign was still « on track » for victory, insisting that every vote should be counted

During the live election coverage of ABC News, Mr. Abrams said: « I don’t know exactly what he’s talking about as they’ve tried to prevent some votes in Pennsylvania from being counted as they come in before.

« The only success they could have on the road is to assess the votes that will end up being counted

« Let’s be clear, the votes are still counted Speaking now and saying: ‘Let’s stop counting the votes’

« You can’t just say we’re not going to allow the counting of other votes

« The question is, what happens after the counting process is complete? There may be recounts, there may be challenges

« But the idea that the counting will stop just won’t happen »

But paving the way for a legal battle amid fears of unrest on America’s streets, Mr. Trump gave a speech at the White House to say there had been « massive fraud » in the election and accuse a « very sad group of people » of trying to deprive his supporters of their rights

He said: « This is a fraud on the American public, it is a disgrace for our country

« So our goal now is to ensure integrity for the good of this nation. It’s a very big time

« We want the law to be used appropriately. So we’re going to go to the US Supreme Court, we want all votes to stop »

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New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted: « Donald Trump’s premature claims of victory are illegitimate, dangerous and authoritarian Count the votes Respect the results »

And Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar tweeted: « The irony of worrying that people are turning America into Somalia, while allowing Trump to literally do what Somali dictators do used to do

« Wake up, it destroys everything that sets us apart We send election observers to other countries, we shouldn’t need to watch our own »

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World News – United States – ABC News host erupts after Trump calls for a halt to the vote count: « This is not going to happen!  »


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