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Most business today is carried out at the edge, with employees working from home on vulnerable, often personal endpoints As the amount of sensitive corporate data accessed by devices outside of an organization’s control grows, so does the attack surface that the IT team must protect In response to this complex reality, Acronis today announced the development of an integrated solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) designed to enhance the protection of their customers’ Citrix Workspace assets, wherever they are.

Citrix is ​​committed to delivering a cohesive work experience free from complexity and distractions that enables employees to perform at their best And solutions such as Citrix Workspace – the secure, intelligent, high-performance digital workspace that enables greater productivity and greater employee engagement – have become essential, as two-thirds of all employees are said to have switched to remote work in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

The challenge for organizations is to counter the dramatic increase in sophisticated cyber attacks targeting remote workers whose home systems and networks are rarely as resilient as office environments To compound the challenge: New study finds 47% of remote workers globally report lack of guidance from their IT teams for working remotely This combination leaves them vulnerable to attacks that not only impact their productivity, but also endanger IT data and systems ‘company

“Delivering a consistent, secure and reliable experience for employees, no matter where they work, is key to keeping them engaged and productive,” said PJ Hough, executive vice president, chief product officer, Citrix. By integrating Acronis with Citrix, enterprises can provide comprehensive cyber protection that enriches the security of virtual applications and desktop users without hampering their experience, and ensuring that their assets and data are protected now and in the future »

The integration of Acronis Cyber ​​Protect with Citrix Workspace, made possible through the APIs and SDKs of Acronis Cyber ​​Platform, adds advanced cybersecurity capabilities that enhance Citrix’s existing privacy and security measures As a result, the VB100 certified anti-malware solution secures endpoints with real-time protection that uses AI-based static and behavioral heuristic technologies, on-demand antivirus, antiransomware and anticryptojacking technologies to prevent direct attacks against Citrix Workspace app

With the increased sophistication of modern cyber threats, any access point can be vulnerable to malware attacks that can destroy or modify files and inject malicious code Without proper cyber protection, a successful attack on a virtual desktop can put the entire environment at risk Once the first client machine is compromised, the infection can move sideways across the network, encrypting data on other machines and leaving the target business exposed to downtime devastating and lost income

Comprehensive cyber protection combines data protection and advanced cybersecurity in a single solution, which offers a proven defense against these modern threats Developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) can enhance their solutions using APIs and SDKs by Acronis Cyber ​​Platform

By integrating with Citrix, Acronis Cyber ​​Protect provides a consistent and cost-effective solution that enables MSPs to protect virtual desktop environments from direct attacks Its advanced anti-malware technology uses kernel-level drivers to protect files and registry entries against modification, while preventing the injection of malicious code

This integration is the first of several features Acronis has planned to support Citrix solutions, with four additional enhancements slated for early 2021 Some of the features MSPs will see available soon include:

“These days, the need to bring comprehensive and user-friendly cyber protection to virtual desktop environments is more critical than ever,” said Serguei “SB” Beloussov, founder and CEO of Acronis “Working with partners like Citrix for developing and deploying integrated technologies is key to ensuring that businesses can survive and thrive in the era of COVID-19 – and far beyond « 

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