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Hundreds of millions of dollars are about to flow into Georgia, now that Senate control – and the fate of the next president’s agenda – depends on the second round for not one but the two state seats, scheduled for January 5

Why it matters: If Joe Biden makes it to the White House, the results of those races will determine if he can act aggressively to implement Democratic policy priorities and confirm his top cabinet nominees and to justice

The current situation: Republicans are currently on track for a two-seat Senate advantage, with a 50-48 split But Georgia’s special election gives Democrats a tantalizing, albeit distant, chance to equalize the score

Be smart: Republicans probably have the upper hand in this long red state – but the price is so great that Democrats are worth it

What we hear: Conservative groups have already started organizing mobilization and fundraising efforts They hope to raise – and spend – more than $ 100 million per race

Democrats will be counting on Act Blue and the same small donors who gave them a cash advantage of more than 2: 1 in almost every race

Big picture: This cycle has seen an unprecedented amount of money pouring into Senate races, with four contests costing more than $ 200 million

What They Are Saying: « These two rounds of the Georgia Senate are critical in stopping Biden’s progressive left turn, » said Scott Reed, Republican consultant

Joe Biden is approaching the 270 electoral votes he needs to defeat President Trump, Associated Press projections show, with critical states of Michigan and Wisconsin now calling for Biden

The last: With those states and Arizona in Biden’s column, another – like Pennsylvania – would be enough to put him on top even as the Trump campaign fights him with lawsuits and narratives

President Trump is basing his hopes – and his presidency – on a savage and relentless war on reality and truth, wrongly claiming that several states are stealing elections by adhering to their laws, rules and long precedents

Why this matters: Trump fears the election will be called today, perhaps first by Fox News, and his efforts to get Supreme Court intervention fail, officials said to Axios

Senior White House and Trump campaign officials bitterly complain about poor internal communication, blame coworkers, consider jobs they might try to get next year, and lash out to their new enemy: Fox News

State of play: Aides told Axios they feared the prospect of Fox calling Pennsylvania for Joe Biden, which could make the Conservative Network the first to give Biden 270 electoral votes

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