World news – US – AMD launches new ray-tracing tech offer, « Hangar 21 » this month


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Reviews of the first two AMD Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards, the 6800XT and 6800, are expected to come out in full force in several hours more, as well as hit store shelves. As the world continues to ponder its performance, AMD is slowly feeding the gaming community’s hints about their prowess, starting with a tech show.

The technical demo is called « Hangar 21 » based on a trailer released by AMD, it is clearly a program designed to allow gamers to gauge the versatility and power of the new GPU running on the company’s Big Navi system. Tech demo content takes on a science fiction theme, but in true AMD mimicry and looks, it’s also sprayed and distilled in all shades of red, black and blue.

Additionally, it is also indicated in the teaser that Hangar 21 is working on several open source software via AMD’s FidelityFX, along with Microsoft DirectX 12 Ultimate (DX12 Ultimate) API. From what we can tell, this appears to include ray-traced shadows (obviously), ray-traced reflections, and what AMD’s own interpretation of global illumination could be..

As for when the technical demo is available, the end of the video indicates that AMD will be available from November 19 onwards..

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World News – US – AMD for « Hangar 21 » Ray-Tracing Tech Demo This Edition Month


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