World News – US – Bad Bunny Cast singer in Season 3 of « Narcos: Mexico » (TV news roundup)


In today’s TV news report, Bad Bunny joins season 3 of Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico, and Disney Plus exclusively shares a trailer on « The Wonderful Mickey Mouse World » with a variety

Netflix announced that Luis Gerardo Mendes, Alberto Guaira, Luisa Rubino and Bad Bunny (née Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio) have been selected for the third season of « Narcos: Mexico. » ), Who led the Guadalajara gang, Mendez joins the series as a policeman named Victor Tapia, while Guerra takes on the role of a drug trafficker and Robino plays a journalist hoping to expose corruption Bad Bunny will add the role of Arturo “Kitty” Paez, an upper-class young man who joined Narco Juniors

IMDb TV and Amazon Prime Video captured the second season of « Alex Rider » ahead of the first season of U x premiere on November 13. The series premiered on Amazon across U Australia and Germany this summer. « Alex Rider » is based on the series The books of the same name are written by Anthony Horowitz, who also produces CEO of the series that follows a teenager who becomes a spy when he is recruited by MI6, season two will be based on « Eagle Strike, » the fourth book in the franchise. Other executive producers are Jill Green, Eve Gutierrez, and Jay Burt , Which also writes the series

AMC Networks’ Shudder Streaming Service will premiere « A Creepshow Holiday Special » on December 18, which will also be available in the AMC Plus package starring Anna Camp and Adam Paley. The special movie will follow a man seeking help from a support group after feeling Increasingly concerned that he might just be a killer, « Creepshow », an anthology series of horror inspired by George a 1982 film Romero, Season Two will return in 2021 Showrunner Greg Nicotero also works as a writer and director for the vacation special, as the plot is based on the J a Konrath short story « The Appeal. » Last « 

Netflix announced the December 8 premiere date for the return of “Mr. Iglesias,” a comedy show starring Gabriel Iglesias as a high school history teacher he graduated from. The show continues his attempts to inspire and motivate children in his class to fulfill their dreams, but the roles will soon be reversed as they push him. To take his own advice and do the same, soon the children start planning their future and Mr. Iglesias is planning to pursue the love interest of the series also stars Sherry Shepherd, Cree Cicino and Fabrizio Guido Watch the trailer below

Disney Plus shared an exclusive trailer for « The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse » with Variety prior to November of Series 18 Premiere. The group will include 10 new animated films released during the remainder of this year and 10 short films released in the summer 2021 Each short film will feature Mickey Mouse and members of his group of friends as they navigate their magical world in about seven minutes. The series is produced by Disney Television Animation, Paul Ruddish is the Executive Producer and Director of Music, « The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse » provided by Christopher Willis See the trailer below

Netflix released a trailer for the movie « Holiday Home Makeover with Mr Christmas, » which premieres November 18 Benjamin Bradley – adopting the Christmas Mr. Christmas character for the holiday season – helps decorate halls of homes and fire houses alike with lights and decorations. And his team spread the joy of Christmas across communities and families by making home arrangements in the series’ four season episodes of the series produced by Stephen David, Tim W. Kelly, Bianca Barnes Williams, Benjamin Bradley, Jonathan Saul and Chaz Morgan Watch the trailer below

Epix released a trailer for the second season of « Pennyworth », about the life of butler Alfred Pennyworth (Jack Bannon) long before he served Bruce Wayne on Batman’s Journey Season 2 finds characters trapped in a civil war in England Alfred, a former British soldier in the US Special Forces who now runs a black market club in Soho, knows he has to find a way to escape the country before it collapses on herself.The DC series premiere on December 13 With the season expected to end in 2021, with « Pennyworth » also Jason Fleming, Hensley Lloyd Bennett and Ryan Fletcher, watch the trailer below

ABC announced premiere dates for new seasons of « The Bachelor », « To Tell the Truth » and « American Idol », as well as premiere dates for « Celebrity Wheel of Fortune », « The Chase » and « The Impostor. » The Bachelor « returns January 4 at 8 AM with leading man Matt James for the 25th season, while the sixth season of » To Tell the Truth « will start on January 26 at 8 AM. The fourth season on ABC will witness the long singing competition » American Idol « . Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Ryan Seacrest during February 14 premiere at 8 am All three new series will be shown on January 7 The movie « Celebrity Wheel of Fortune », hosted by Pat Sajack and Vanna White, will feature celebrities competing for cash prizes that will go to Charity work at 8 pm »The Chase » puts the contestants against Chaser, a man determined to beat them in a test competition, at 9 pm and 10 am, the contest program « The Hustler, where one of five contestants is secretly provided with answers. The premiere will take place at Show, teams work to win a cash prize and see who is the secret scammer

OWN President Tina Perry has announced a lineup of three new holiday movies coming this year: “A Christmas For Mary,” “Cooking Up Christmas,” and “First Christmas,” “Mary’s Christmas,” which premiered in December. 8 by 9 silent stars Vivica A Fox, Jackée Harry, and Morgan Dixon in a newspaper story finds more than just the perfect Christmas story to present to her editor When she visits the small town of Pineville broadcast Dec 15 at 9am, « Cooking Up Christmas » features Meagan Holder, Who plays a chef who has been fired a few weeks before Christmas takes on the job of live chef for a professional baseball player (Laman Rucker) and his family on « First Christmas » broadcast on December 22 at 9 AM. The writer portrayed by Idara Victor is invited to spend the holidays with the biological family She has never met her before, and learns to embrace her family.

Fox has announced premiere dates for a new series, including « The Masked Dancer » and « Call Me Kat, » as well as the season’s premieres of « Last Man Standing, » « Hell’s Kitchen, » « The Resident » and « Prodigal. » Son, « 9-1-1 » and « 9-1-1: The Lone Star » Based on « The Masked Singer, » the upcoming show « The Masked Dancer » will be showing on December 27, live in all time zones at 8:00 AM ET. / 5SM PT features a group of celebrity contestants who dance to compete on the jury Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul, Brian Austin Green and Ashley Tisdale, a new comedy show starring Mayim Bialik, « Call Me Kat » for the first time on January 3 at 8 pm and focuses on a single woman who reaches 39-year-old owns a cat cafe. « Last Man Standing » will enter its final season on January 3 at 8:30 AM; Season 19 of « Hell’s Kitchen » will start airing on January 7 at 8 AM; « The Resident » and « The Prodigal Son » will return On January 12 at 8 and 9 AM, respectively, and “9-1-1” and “9-1-1: Lone Star”, the two dramas about first responders, will be shown in the first consecutive season on January 18 beginning. Of 8 And 9 AM respectively

Production of the original Disney Channel movie « Christmas Again » begins filming in Chicago The movie follows 11-year-old Rowena (Scarlett Estevez), a girl who stumbles on repeating Christmas over and over after wanting to take a vacation from Santa Claus in Its local shopping center In comedy, she learns the meaning of Christmas while navigating the facts of her parents’ divorce and embracing the change in tradition that comes with her family’s changing dynamics. The film stars Daniel Sungata, Alexis Cara, Ashlyn Jade Lopez, Priscilla Lopez, Tony Amendola, Beth Lucky and Gary Anthony Williams

Comic book publisher Webtoon announced the launch of Webtoon Studios, a production studio to divide the company’s content library into films, television, interactive entertainment and other platforms. The publisher has also revealed new partnerships with Vertigo Entertainment, Bound Entertainment and Rooster Teeth Studios through its access to a wide range of Content, Webtoon Studios will use partnerships with artists and writers while creating and expanding publisher franchises.

NBC will broadcast « Dr. Seuss » « The Grinch Musical! » on December 9 at 8 am, with the show being held at London’s Troubadour Theater, « Glee » star Matthew Morrison will take over the lead role of Grinch, the character who lives high above Delightful Who-Ville Zone decides to chart ways to end the city’s exhilarating Christmas celebrations Once and for all Morrison is slated to be joined by Denise O’Hare, Bobo Stewart and Amelia Minto, as well as a large number of musical theater actors from London directed by Max Webster for theater and directed by Julia Knowles TV

Showtime announced its special collection « Desus & Mero » on November 15 at 10 AM In a special show titled « DMFM: The Home of Boom Bap », hosts Desus Nice and The Kid Mero will take viewers through the history of hip-hop through Detailed conversations with many famous guests such as Busta Rhymes, Sheila E, City Girls, Juicy J and Cameron The hour-long program will receive calls from listeners in a studio set up to resemble old classic radio stations Season 3 of « Desus & Mero » will return. In 2021

Audible Inc announced a first look deal with Unanimous Media, the production company of NBA superstar Stephen Curry that includes the first two projects to be built under the deal, « The Greatest Sports Story Never Told » and « Fifteen Minutes From Home » The first two projects will consist of 10 episodes, each lasting 30 minutes « Fifteen Minutes From Home » is based on the « 5 Minutes from Home » YouTube series and will feature talks by Steve Curry and a special guest on his way home from the games. The premiere dates for the two series will be announced at a later time.

« Jimmy Kimmel Live! » Gillian Anderson, Emmanuel Aku, and T-Dolla $ Eng tonight, while Vince Vaughn, Lauren Bracco and Jos Daperton appear on « The Tonight Show, » starring Jimmy Fallon, Hugh Grant and Sturgell Simpson will be on « The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, » while Demi Lovato will be in attendance. Edgar Ramirez, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Carter MacLean, « Late Night With Seth Meyers, » also, Lenny Kravitz will be on « The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. »

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World News – US – Singer Bad Bunny Cast in « Narcos: Mexico » Season 3 (TV news roundup)


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