World News – US – BREAKING: Whistleblower denounces voter fraud by mail at Traverse City post office to Project Veritas


A USPS whistleblower who works in the Barlow branch of the Traverse City Post Office speaks online to project manager James O’Keefe in November 4 With his voice in disguise, he tells how he and his colleagues were instructed this morning to collect the ballots they could find in letter boxes and collection boxes, « just outgoing mail in general, » he said.

The man was shocked at the directive, which was to separate the mail, and any ballots found had to be hand-stamped at the end of the day – with the previous day’s date, which would be November 3

Whistleblower denounced his boss as Jonathan Clarke Ballots had to be stamped with Nov 3 date, then couriered wherever they needed to go

« Does this appear to be an attempt to circumvent Michigan law and allow late voting? » says O’Keefe

He mentioned that the whistleblower said that a « hindrance » had been provided to where the ballots were to be left by letter carriers

The whistleblower said the ballots were placed in express bags to get to the distribution center

« It’s sketchy, I don’t like the summary, » he said, adding: « It screams corruption. Also, knowing the political leanings of the post offices, it didn’t seem quite right. fact correct ”, he declared

The whistleblower has a message for other postal workers who might encounter these « Report it » irregularities, he says

« How are we going to have integrity in this country if we just let it slide, based on a scale issue »

O’Keefe called Jonathan Clarke, his boss, and mentioned that he was from Veritas and that he had information that the ballots received on November 4 were dated the day before

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News from around the world – UNITED STATES – BREAKDOWN: Whistleblower denounces voter fraud by mail Traverse City Post Office to Project Veritas


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