World News – US – Cardi B responds to claims of cultural privatization on the magazine’s cover


Cardi B communicates with her fans who may have been offended during a recent Reebok photo shoot for the shoe news cover The cover photo, which shows Cardi in a red strapless dress, carrying eight extra arms, aims to portray the « W Us » singer Rap like Hindu goddess Durga

Hindu fans spoke on Twitter about the photo shoot, calling it offensive and accusing Cardi of mocking their culture

People say Cardi B pays tribute to the Hindu goddess Durga so, as a Hindu, I would say: 1- It is forbidden to wear shoes in the temple 2- Durga Ma may not be used as an aesthetic 3- Durga Ma has never been photographed nude 4- This It is not a homage or a pledge or respect it is a disrespect for the pic

Cardi took up the controversy in her Instagram stories earlier this week, saying in a video, « When I filmed Reebok, the creators were telling me, ‘It’s gonna be a goddess. She represents strength, femininity and liberation, and that’s something I love and adore and I think is dope. »

She added that she has seen the negative reactions since the cover was released and apologizes for the harm it caused.

“If people think that I offend their culture or religion, then I would say that I am sorry and added,“ This was not my intention. ”“ I do not like disrespecting someone’s religion I do not like people offending my religion I was not trying to be disrespectful perhaps I should have done my research sorry I can’t change the past but I will do more research for the future ‘

Pt 4 I knew Cardi isn’t really doing her research because it’s her fault, she didn’t come up with the concept of filming the director did, so you’re going to drag her all to a concept that a witch did not come up with. I still have no problem shooting, but here I may apologize, Let it go 😘 pic.twitter com / LDBxf1RIdi

« Yesterday we posted content from the exclusive Cardi B cover photo shoot. One of the photos was intended to honor the Hindu goddess Durga, and our goal was to show a strong woman. » «  However, we realize that we did not take into account some cultural and religious viewpoints and how this might be considered extremely offensive we take full responsibility for this oversight and apologize. It is important to learn from this example and to be sensitive to this type of religious imagery when there are creative discussions in the future today, We are releasing another cover from the photo session that was shared exclusive

“It’s tough,” I admit. “There is a lot I want to keep for myself when it comes to my personal life, but sometimes people get an inch of my personal life and start gossiping I feel like I’m going to shut it down and take it up. This was always my problem”

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World News – US – Cardi B responds to requests for cultural appropriation on the magazine cover


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