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Check Cap Ltd (NASDAQ: CHEK) is screaming for the top of the market this morning, pushing the shorts out of their positions. If you look for any press release or SEC filings that were filed today, you won’t find anything. Even so, there is a good reason for the short press. Here’s what’s going on:

In an SEC filing dated Jan.. On December 29, 2020, Check Cap announced that it would be joining. December 2020 received a letter from the employees for Listing Qualifications of the Nasdaq Stock Market. In the letter, the Nasdaq informed the company that it had been granted a 180-day extension to restore compliance.

Due to the extension, CHEK has now until 28. June 2021 time to hit and maintain a minimum bid price of $ 1. 00 per share for continued listing on the Nasdaq Capital Market.

Check Cap is committed to the prevention of colon cancer through appropriate screening. However, there is a problem with screening as we know it today. Ultimately, there is a lot of preparation for the screening process, and the screening is invasive.

Because of this, a large percentage of consumers avoid screening, although catching polyps early will greatly reduce the chance of developing this highly invasive cancer.

To combat this problem, CHEK has developed a product called C-Scan. C-Scan is a non-invasive capsule that travels through the colon and examines the patient without pain or discomfort. In addition, no preparation is required, which makes colon cancer screening the easiest.

According to TipRanks, there is currently only one analyst looking at CHEK stocks. Still, this analyst has a mostly positive opinion.

In fact, the analyst who covers CHEK rates the stock as a buy with a target price of $ 1. 50. Considering that the last closing price was below $ 0. 50, this price target represents the potential for profit in multiples.

When you invest, you make a decision to take a risk. It’s all part of the process. Before investing in CHEK, consider the following risks:

It is clear that there is a short squeeze going on today and there may be more space to run in the squeeze. In the short term, however, I’m not interested in that. The long-term potential here is incredible.

Think about it, colorectal screenings are avoided by the masses. However, they are a must-have, considering that they can help keep consumers from developing one of the most invasive cancers known to man. C-Scan does alleviate colorectal screening, and when it gets to the US it will likely sell like candy. In that sense, this is a strong long term game to consider once the profit takers are done at the end of this bottleneck.

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World news – US – CHEK share: Check Cap rises on NASDAQ expansion – CNA Finance
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