World news – US – Chevy tasted their first NASCAR title battle in four years


For the first time in four years, Chevrolet entered the NASCAR Cup Series Championship fight to the Final

Chase Elliott and Hendrick Motorsports Necktie Elliott qualified for his debut at Championship 4 with a dramatic and emotional must-have win last weekend at Martinsville Speedway He’s the first Chevy driver in the fourth round since Jimmy Johnson in 2016 – the year he won the championship The seventh and last

Jim Campbell, Chevrolet’s Vice President of Performance & Motorsports, said: « We’ve had these OEM press conferences for many years, and it sure will be more fun when you have a Chevy in the final. » “It’s something in our history that we’re used to, so it’s great to come back

“It’s hard to win a single race, seeing Chase has a year he won four times, winning in a clutch moment in the quarter-finals in Martinsville, it’s just an amazing race that could have run any way, and we’re proud of it and Alan and the whole team at Hendrick are excited. Very very much I think it will be – these four drivers are incredibly talented going to be the ultimate penalty shootout  »

Three Chevrolet drivers advanced to the quarter-finals with Elliott, Alex Bowman and Kurt Bush However, all three were below the cut line that went to Martinsville and needed to win the race Elliott could have advanced athletically in points starting today, but The way the race played during the first two stages, he ended up needing to win

“They ride high and feel good,” Rick Hendrik said of the Number 9 Team.

Chevrolet has won eight races this season, four of which are thanks to Elliott. Bowman, Kurt Bush, William Byron and Austin Dillon also visited the victory lane and all qualified for the playoffs

“To me, yeah, I think it matters,” Gustafson said of having a Chevy in competition competition, “It’s always important that’s what we do. It felt like we’ve been on the cusp of many years for the past three years or so, we needed to. Going past the ledge you keep swinging towards it, you keep swinging on it, and you hit one at the end

“I think the time has come, and there was definitely some urgency from Mister Hendrik and from Chevrolet. We needed to be actors in the tournament. I would say that every year is important, but for sure, the year you are the most important”


Jeff Andrews, Competition Director at Hendrick Motorsports, said, “We consistently got to that round of 8 but getting past that point and getting into the fourth round was very important for Mister Royce, Jim Campbell, and everyone at Chevrolet, to get a car to Phoenix and compete for The tournament we were excited to do it and be a part of it for them.

“And definitely, part of a big effort overall from Chevrolet here in the past two years to bring these teams together, specifically the Childress groups and Hendrick and Ganassi, and get everyone to work together on different initiatives, different projects, and talk to each other I think what happened Here in the past eight or nine weeks it has been the culmination so there has been a lot of work together to achieve this goal of getting the car to Phoenix ”

Andrew said everyone left last year’s season final in great disappointment, and Hendrik told everyone he was unhappy It had been one of the worst years for the organization at some point from the finish point, with Elliot the top driver, Hendrik at 10th in the standings.

“I don’t want to say there’s nothing worse, but getting down there and not participating in it, it’s a totally different feeling after I’ve been a part of it for many years,” Andrews said “to get (Rick Hendrick) back in the middle of it, we’re proud Too

« He’s excited, he’s swollen. We’re happy to go to Phoenix and fight for him (the title) »

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World News – US – Chevy is enjoying its first NASCAR title fight in four years
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