World news – US – Clay Thompson suffers from an Achilles tendon injury at the end of the season: How will the Warriors react moving forward?


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What was supposed to be a night of possibility for the Golden State Warriors turned out to be a potential disaster. Armed with the number. 2 Overall in a draft on Wednesday and all the options that came with it, all optimism went out of the window when news broke that Clay Thompson, while ramping up his training sessions in Southern California with the fast approaching 2020-21 season, had suffered as Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN confirmed Thursday an injury Achilles at the end of the season.

We will remain as positive as possible for now. Thompson, who of course missed the entire last season after being torn apart in the left AFC Champions League in Match 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals, is expected to undergo filming Thursday to accurately determine the injury and its severity.. . But words travel fast on these types of things. When players from all over the league send prayers, that is definitely not good.

Away from feeling dreaded about Thompson, one of the NBA’s most beloved players and the guy who really loves to play basketball, the first question was whether last-minute news might affect how the Warriors handle the draft. . It appears he didn’t, because they took the player they had attached to consistently throughout James Wiseman’s draft process.

It was supposed to be a party night for the warriors, who totally expected a return to rivalry for the championship with Steve Curry and Thompson back in good health, with Weizmann playing the missing big guy. Now that Thompson is really ripped into his Achilles tendon, it’s all out the window.

So what now? With Thompson out of the season: Will warriors become bolder in the commercial market to try to replace Thompson, to what extent they can, in the short term? Would they consider moving the 2021 first round wolves’ selection – which they got in D’Angelo Russell trade and could end up picking the top five in a stacked draft category – to a ready shareholder? Would they dare to throw Weizmann in a deal if it meant, say, a player like Marcus Smart? Will they participate in the Danilo Galinari match? Would they consider taking up Eric Gordon’s contract for a man who could score in Thompson’s absence and provide depth on his return?

Late Wednesday night, Warriors ‘general manager Bob Myers said that even before Thompson was injured, he had obtained a « green light » from the Warriors’ property to use a $ 17 million trade exemption resulting from the 2019 deal that sent Andre Iguodala to Memphis, And that he would actually use that money to gain wing depth if the right opportunity arose, Mark J.. . Unbeaten spears.

This is not a light decision from the Warriors administration. As a team operating north of the luxury tax line, $ 17 million could cost Golden State North of $ 50 million depending on other list moves they make.. All in all, Warriors can be saddled with a $ 350 million roster which, without Thompson, would likely not be able to compete for a championship, a number that becomes difficult to swallow in a year as you might lose the gate revenue entirely without fan participation.. Attendees.

There is no way to color this. With Thompson now eliminated by torn Achilles bullets, the Warriors may have just gone from a competitor of the best three or four titles to a team that may not participate in the qualifiers in a fully loaded Western Conference. Could warriors be prepared to skilfully enter halfway through another season for a better pick in the 2021 monster class, which he could pair with picking Minnesota, and perhaps Weizmann, to lay a solid foundation for the future?

It’s hard to imagine. Once again, Curry will turn 33 before the end of the next season. He is a player who only plays once in a lifetime. Like a team with LeBron James, conventional wisdom suggests that this player drains for every tournament competition he deserves and worries about the future, well, the future. This is an impossibly fine line that warriors can navigate. Suddenly they try to plan for the present and the future at the same time, and one of the players who was meant to be a bridge between the two may have just suffered an injury that could, without exaggeration, change course.. The entire profession and privilege is forever.

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World News – US – Clay Thompson suffers from an Achilles tendon injury at the end of the season: How the Warriors can react to the proceeding ahead?


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