World News – US – Dianne Feinstein faces calls to step down after Amy Coney Barrett’s hearing


WASHINGTON – In Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Justice Amy Coney Barrett, Progressives made it clear they wanted to see Senate Democrats on fire Instead, led by California Sen Dianne Feinstein, the Democrats have widely made them jokes

Some on the left have called the hearings to prove Feinstein should step down as Democrat atop the Judicial Committee But others say the approach was exactly what the party needed in the middle of an election in which control of the White House and Senate is at stake

President Trump’s candidate for the seat of the late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg ended the week on a descent trajectory to be confirmed before Nov 3 election The committee scheduled a vote for Oct. 22 to send his candidacy for the full Senate Barrett, who says he shares the judicial philosophy of former Judge Antonin Scalia, would move the court to a conservative 6-3 majority likely to last for years

Even before the hearings, it was clear that there was almost nothing the Democrats outnumbered could do to stop the Senate from confirming Barrett.But Progressives wanted Democrats – and in particular Feinstein – are setting up fireworks in hopes of branding the GOP’s quick timeline of declaring Barrett illegitimate, given Republicans’ refusal to let then President Barack Obama fill a court before the 2016 election

But the California Democrat stayed in her character throughout the four days of hearings, treating Barrett and the Republicans politely, discussing with Barrett about her career as a working mother of seven, and at one point noticing that she was « really impressed » by the former law professor’s response to the legal aspects surrounding the Affordable Care Act She closed the hearings on Thursday by thanking committee chair Sen Lindsey Graham, R-SC, for the way he led the process and shared a hug with him

« This was one of the best audiences I’ve been to, » Feinstein told Graham. « I want to thank you for your fairness Thank you very much for your leadership »

Even California Sen Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice presidential candidate, delivered a less memorable performance than her previous interview of court candidates and Trump administration figures Partly limited by her decision to appear virtually Because two Republicans on the committee tested positive for the coronavirus, Harris also spent some of his time giving campaign-style speeches that seemed more aimed at the broader electorate than progressives who wanted militant tactics to slow down Barrett’s confirmation

Brian Fallon, a former Senate aide who heads Demand Justice, an organization that works to push the judiciary to the left, on Thursday called on Feinstein to step down as Democrat at the top of the committee

« She has undermined the Democrats’ position at every step of this process, from tackling calls for filibuster and court reform to recognizing Republicans for the most partisan takeover. glaring in the modern history of the Supreme Court, « Fallon said in a statement

Lead lawyer and group co-founder Chris Kang, who helped lead Obama’s judicial appointment process, said the narrative at the end of the hearing was not about the rushed process , and called it a failure of the Democrats

« Thanking Sen Graham is appalling, and it’s not so surprising that the rest of the committee often defer to the leadership of the committee, that we haven’t seen the kind of fight and fire that we hopes, « Kang said » I think Republicans have at times been more outraged for their fictitious concerns than Democrats have for their genuine outrage at what is currently happening in the Supreme Court »

And it wasn’t just Demand Justice, which had long called for the ousting of Feinstein, which was not satisfied

« Enough is enough, @SenFeinstein You must end this charade, treat this audition like the sham it is and do all in your power to block Republicans’ efforts to permanently change the country This is not how an open democracy should be, ”Sierra Club tweeted on Wednesday

Feinstein released a statement Thursday saying that « the Senate is structured so that the majority has absolute control over this process. When Republicans signaled they were moving forward in the face of any objections, the only thing what we could do was show that this candidate would radically change the court, and we accomplished that »She said she would vote against Barrett’s confirmation

Some progressives have said that Feinstein and other Democrats have done exactly what they need to do: not focus on themselves and on health care, an issue the party is trying to capitalize on during the elections Supreme Court to hear Nov 10 case over whether to overturn affordable care law, and Democrats say Republicans are rushing to confirm Barrett so she can hear the case

Marge Baker, executive vice president of the progressive People for the American Way, said Democrats were right to focus their questions largely on healthcare, often posting photos of people to illustrate their points in the courtroom

« I think the Democrats have done a great job of staying focused on the issues for the American people, and those issues are pretty scary, » Baker said. « I think the posters they had continuously placed in the affected room were really important… It was very clear that this was a sham process »

Barrett was sanctioned during Senators’ two-day questioning, refusing to answer questions on case law, except for what she wrote as a law professor at the University of Our- Lady or in opinions on US Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals

Feinstein, for example, asked Barrett if the president could unilaterally delay an election and if Medicare was constitutional. Both times Barrett said she couldn’t comment on anything that might be presented to him as that judge

Harris asked Barrett if she agreed with Chief Justice John Roberts’ line in a 2013 opinion that « no one doubts » that « electoral discrimination still exists »; Barrett would only say racism exists. In response to another question from Harris, the candidate called climate change a « very controversial issue that is the subject of public debate »

« I think the Democrats have done a great job, » she said « First and foremost, the American people have seen Barrett’s continued refusal to answer questions »

Tal Kopan is the Washington correspondent for The San Francisco Chronicle Previously, she was a political reporter for CNN Politics, where she covered immigration, cybersecurity and other topical issues in Washington, including the 2016 presidential election

Prior to joining the network, Kopan was a reporter for POLITICO in Washington, DC, where she reported to their team on the latest news and vertical policies, including a special focus on the Department of Justice, courts and cybersecurity

Kopan started his career working in Chicago with local media ABC7 Chicago and Fox Chicago News

His work has won him awards and scholarships from the Atlanta Press Club; National Press Foundation; Loyola Law School, Los Angeles; and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

Kopan graduated with Distinction from the University of Chicago with a BA in « Law, Humanities and Society »

Dianne Feinstein

World news – United States – Dianne Feinstein faces calls to step down after Amy Coney Barrett hearing


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