World News – US – Eastern North Carolina feels the remnants of Hurricane Zeta


GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) – High winds swept across eastern North Carolina on Thursday as Hurricane Zeta moved up the east coast

The strong wind stayed in the area all day, causing power outages in eastern North Carolina

According to Greenville Utilities’ power outage map at 5 pm, there were over 900 affected GUC customers without power

Greenville resident Taylor Beale lives near Jaycee Park She said she was without power for several hours on Thursday before she finally returned

« It affects me pretty hard and I know it affects a lot of my neighbors too because a lot of them have kids and stuff like that Just being in the dark and it got really windy in here , so sitting outside and it’s all a little chilly, like we’re ready to go into the house « 

Greenville Utilities says electrical crews are responding to scattered outages due to wind damage and will continue to operate until power is restored

« We understand that we provide public survival services to people and that it is part of our mission to provide these services This is extremely important to us We are also members of the community We live here, we want to make sure our neighbors are taken care of, our families are taken care of « 

According to North Carolina Emergency Management, approximately 368,000 power outages have been recorded in our state from 5 pm

With rain in the forecast, Greenville Utilities is telling customers what they can do to prepare for possible outages

A reminder from GUC is that customers remember to report any outages they experience, online or over the phone

« People at home, we ask them to pick up their cell phones and program our emergency line as a contact. So if you have a power outage at home you don’t have to worry. to find the number, it is already in your contacts « 

Greenville Utilities also states that if you drive make sure you watch out for power lines

If you see a broken power line, don’t touch or cross it because you never know if the electricity is still going through it or not, call your power supplier instead

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News from around the world – United States – Eastern North Carolina feels the remnants of Hurricane Zeta


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