World News – US – Eminem clears Oscar-winning song « Lose Yourself » for Joe Biden campaign’s Get-Out-The-Vote commercial


Eminem licensed the use of his Oscar-winning song « Lose Yourself » for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, a rare instance where he allowed such use of his work

The singer, aka Marshall Mathers, also tweeted the spot with the message « An opportunity… #Vote »

Other musicians have also cleared their music for use in campaign spots Taylor Swift cleared “Only the Young” for use in a Biden / Harris spot sent by a Leadership PAC representative from Eric Swalwell Les Beastie Boys cleared the song « Sabotage » for the Biden campaign to use, but the spot was reportedly deleted after one of the characters featured in the spot received a reaction from Trump supporters

The 45-second spot featuring Eminem’s work is titled « One Opportunity » and aims to get the vote It features footage of Biden and his field bus, as well as Kamala Harris

The Biden campaign also launched a spot narrated by Bruce Springsteen and featuring clips from his hit « My Hometown »

The Trump campaign has received a number of legal threats and requests to stop using music, from artists such as the Rolling Stones and the family of Tom Petty But he recently used the Village “YMCA” People at rallies, and he’s even danced on them. Lead singer of that group, Victor Willis, told the BBC last week that he didn’t endorse Trump « and the Village People » Willis said although ‘they asked the Trump campaign to stop playing their music, general licensing laws allow it to « play our music whenever it wants in any place »

Eminem has clearly expressed his aversion to Trump over the past two years, but it is one of his most overt political actions since 2004 That year, George W Bush was seeking re-election, he released his anti-Iraq war song “Mosh” with an explicit attack on the incumbent in his lyrics and accompanying video “Lose Yourself”, from the 2002 movie 8 Mile, won the Oscar for Best Original Song

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World News – United States – Eminem Licenses Oscar-Winning Song « Lose Yourself » for Get-Out-The- Joe Biden campaign vote A d


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