World News – US – Environmentalists see hope that the Biden administration will get tough on PFAS


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Concern over PFAS chemicals has led to changes in Hoosick Falls and materials are now beginning to appear in other communities.

WASHINGTON – Members of Congress plan to push President-elect Joe Biden to place two predominant forms of chemicals PFAS – PFOA and PFOS – on the list of hazardous substances covered by federal law, a leading lawmaker and the environmental advocacy group said Tuesday.

If that happens, it could free up funds to help New York communities grapple with the water pollution problems from PFAS that have just emerged..

“We think this could be an environmental win very quickly,” Michigan State Representative. Debbie Dingle said during an online discussion sponsored by the Environmental Working Group, which advocates for PFAS and other pollution issues.

The working group discussion was the first of many meetings and talks held by environmental groups nationwide as Biden prepares to occupy the White House. Environmentalists have repeatedly criticized the Trump administration for what they say is poor enforcement of clean air and water laws.

PFOS and PFOS are among countless PFOS or PFOS that have made headlines in recent years after appearing in municipal water supplies. Known as « chemicals forever, » they remain in the bloodstream for long periods after being consumed in water. They are suspected to be carcinogens and linked to other diseases, including thyroid and kidney disorders.

The discovery of PFOA in drinking water in Husik Falls several years ago prompted a government investigation and ongoing reform of the water system.. . The materials came from a pair of factories that manufactured chemical ingredients from Teflon and other non-stick materials. Petersburg, Cairo and Newburgh are also grappling with the discovery of the chemicals PFAS in groundwater.

Dingle added that PFAS is generally more prevalent than many people realize, as it is used in a wide variety of products other than Teflon and fire fighting foam which is another source of the substance.. .

Like many other states, New York already considers PFOS and PFOS dangerous enough to designate the state’s premier fund. But the federal status as a Superfund will likely provide more federal resources for cleanup operations.

“It’s really one of the most important things a new administration can do,” said Environmental Working Group attorney Melanie Beinisch..

However, others note that PFAS first became a concern in years during the Clinton administration. Why did PFAS take so long to become a potential premium box designer?

There is a lot of public awareness now, « said Rob Pilot, an Ohio attorney who helped shed light on the problems of PFAS when he won a class-action lawsuit settlement of an estimated $ 300 million from DuPont Chemicals over PFAS contamination in West Virginia Ohio.

New York, like other states, recently placed PFAS restrictions on water supplies. The state health department has a maximum permissible limit of 10 parts per trillion of perfluorooctane sulfonic acid and PFOA.. The Federal Environmental Protection Agency currently maintains a guideline of a maximum of 70 parts per trillion.

Rick Carlin covers the environment and energy development for The Times Union. He previously covered education, state government, and books on natural resources and state government in Colorado and Maine. You can reach him at rkarlin @ Timesunion. com or (518) 454-5758.

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World News – US – Environmentalists see hope that management Biden will get tougher on PFAS


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