World News – US – Exclusive Chile Could Green Light AstraZeneca Vaccine « Within Days Of US / UK Approval »


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SANTIAGO (Reuters) – AstraZeneca has filed data with Chilean regulators for the emergency rollout of its COVID-19 vaccine in the country and could go green « weeks or even days » after approval by European or American regulators Get light, the government person in charge of vaccine procurement told Reuters.

The UK-based company has conducted late-stage trials of its vaccine, which was developed at Oxford University in Chile, as well as Brazil, the UK, the US and South Africa.

Chile has signed a sales contract for 14. 4 million doses of the drug, an amount that would vaccinate half of these people or nearly 40% of the country’s population.

Chile is already among the top ranked vaccines in the region, with a 10 million doses deal from Pfizer BioNtech, 60 million doses over three years from China’s Sinovac and 7. 6 million vaccine doses through the COVAX global vaccine distribution scheme.

Rodrigo Yanez, the Chilean vice minister for trade in charge of negotiating its vaccine supply, said in an interview Monday that AstraZeneca had already submitted documentation to the Chilean Public Health Institute (ISP) for the widespread use of the vaccine in an emergency.

He said the company could use approval from trusted overseas health authorities to expedite local approval.

Pfizer Inc and BioNTech used a similar approval for their vaccine by the U. . S.. . The Food and Drug Administration received a nod from the Chilean regulatory authorities five days later. This makes Chile the first South American country to start vaccinating its population last week.

« If the UK Health Authority, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or the FDA approves it – which is expected to be between January and February, approval for use in Chile could be in weeks or even days, » said Yanez.

The ISP told Reuters that AstraZeneca has not yet made a formal request for approval. « We had lobbying meetings with the background material presented and a fluid collaboration to move forward with the review of the documents, » said the director, Heriberto Garcia, adding that regulatory approval in the UK, its home market, would be essential.

Data from the late-stage Oxford vaccine studies suggest that the effectiveness was 62% in subjects who received two full doses, compared to a smaller subgroup who received half a dose, then a full dose. more robust 90%. However, the university said this week that a two-dose regimen produces a better immune response.

Yanez said Chile signed a contract to buy the « traditional » two-dose vaccine, but the contract was « flexible ». He added, « We can vary the dosage based on suggestions from our own health professionals and the company. « 

Yanez said Chile has a tentative agreement to buy four million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine, but is also pursuing a « plan B » with other laboratories, including Novavax and CureVac, if the J&J deal fails would come about. https: // www. Reuters. com / article / us-health-coronavirus-vaccines-latinamer-idCAKBN28V1DE

He said Chile’s 400. 000 healthcare workers would receive the Pfizer vaccine in the first quarter, while a second vaccine to be approved – he predicted that of Sinovac – would cover the rest of the high-risk population over the same period.

On Monday, Brazil’s licensed distributor for the AstraZeneca vaccine announced that it would be available on Jan.. January will get regulatory approval. 15th.

Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said last week he expected AstraZeneca to apply for an emergency permit for its vaccine in Mexico in January.

More than a year before Anthony Warner was bombed in downtown Nashville that Christmas, officials visited his home after his girlfriend told police that he was building bombs in a trailer at his home, according to documents from The Associated Occupy Press. In August, officials were called to see Pamela Perry in Nashville. 21, 2019 after receiving a report from her attorney that she made suicide threats while sitting on her porch with firearms, the metropolitan Nashville Police Department said Tuesday in a statement it emailed. A police report said attorney Raymond Throckmorton told officers that day that he was also representing Warner.

Matthew W. . The 45-year-old nurse at two different local hospitals shared on Jan.. December in a Facebook post that he had received the Pfizer vaccine and told the ABC News partner that his arm had been sore for a day but had no other side effects. He went to a test site at the car hospital and tested positive for COVID-19 the day after Christmas, the report said. Christian Ramers, an infectious disease specialist at Family Health Centers in San Diego, told ABC News’ subsidiary that this scenario was not unexpected.

Joe Biden, the president-elect, said Monday that government agencies responsible for national security have « done tremendous damage. ”

Democrats still stand a chance of retaking the Senate – but the panel’s leadership has reportedly all but given up. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock challenge Georgia GOP Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in races that will determine the Senate’s outlook. But when Ossoff and Warnock struggled to live up to the Republicans’ fundraising efforts, Chuck Schumer (D-N. Y. . ) has stopped meeting with donors, a source told NBC News. In the past two months, Ossoff and Warnock have each raised more than $ 100 million, mostly through grassroots donations. Their fundraising has outpaced Republican efforts over the same period, but outside of Republican groups they are winning big in terms of television advertising spending, NBC News reports. This leaves enough resources for the GOP to reach out to voters directly and encourage new or unlikely voters to stand up on their behalf in January. 5 – something that Warnock and Ossoff’s campaign managers described as « material » in a campaign memo obtained from NBC News. « To win this election in 8 days, we must continue our historic efforts to produce every single voter – but we will not be able to do that if our fundraising continues to decline, » the managers wrote. External Democratic donors spent large amounts of money during the 2020 election cycle to overthrow the Republican Senate majority. However, after the Democrats failed to decide, Schumer reportedly stopped asking for more support. Despite the fact that President-elect Joe Biden turned the state around for the first time in decades, Schumer is « pessimistic » about the chances of Ossoff and Warnock and no longer meets with donors about relationships for years to come to ruin, the source told NBC News. But as the Ossoff and Warnock campaigns see, donations to increase voter turnout have never been more important. Read more at NBC News. Update 2:30 p. m. ET: A Schumer spokesperson said NBC News coverage was « absolutely not true ». The representative, Justin Goodman, added that « Schumer has been busy making phone calls and fundraising for both Georgia candidates and is optimistic about their chances in January. « More stories from the week. com Report: Forensic Accounting Specialists in Support of N. . Y. . Prosecutor in Trump probe 2. $ 000 checks are good Police report shows the Nashville bomber’s girlfriend warned that he had bombed his RV

From an airy loft in Venice to a romantic getaway in Topanga, these vacation rentals have something for every traveler.   Originally published on Architectural Digest

Fire, police, and rescue workers arrived to find the vehicle floating in the water, said Richard Trent, chief of the Virginia Beach Fire Department battalion chief. Witnesses saw a man get out of the truck and drift west in the water, Coast Guard officials said. Coastguard rescuers searched for the driver together with the fire brigade, ambulance service and police.

Dozens of Cubans protested against the U. . S.. . Border in the northern Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez on Tuesday evening and demanding that they be allowed to cross and apply for asylum in the United States. U. . S.. . Authorities, including police in protective clothing, closed the bridge to El Paso, Texas, with a concrete barrier with barbed wire. Jonathan Castro, 25, said he spent a year and eight months in Mexico after trying to seek asylum in the United States and was ready to protest all night at the bridge.

In August 2019, Anthony Quinn Warner’s girlfriend – the man who police said blew up his RV in downtown Nashville and damaged 41 buildings on Christmas Day – told authorities he was making bombs in the vehicle, reports The Tennessean. While the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Warner was « not on our radar, » The Tennessean received a report from the Metro Nashville Police Department stating that in August. 21, 2019, Warner’s girlfriend told officers that he « built bombs in the RV trailer in his apartment, » information that was then passed on to the FBI. Her attorney, Raymond Throckmorton III, had called the police, and when officers arrived at the friend’s house in Antioch, Tennessee, they found her outside with two guns unloaded that she said belonged to Warner, said Don Aaron, spokesman for the Metro Nashville Police Department, across from The Tennessean. The police then went to Warner’s home, where no one opened the door. The officers spotted his mobile home but could not see it. According to the report, they also « noticed multiple surveillance cameras and cables attached to an alarm sign on the front door. « Aaron told The Tennessean, » the FBI reported that they had checked their holdings and found no records of Warner at all, « and » at no time was evidence of a crime discovered or additional action taken. « Throckmorton told The Tennessean Tuesday that he called law enforcement because his client feared Warner would harm them. He believes « someone dropped the ball somewhere, » and with the information they had about Warner, police could have taken additional steps to prevent the bombing. More stories from the week. com Report: Forensic Accounting Specialists in Support of N. . Y. . Prosecutor in Trump investigates 2. $ 000 Checks Are Good Mnuchin Says Some Americans May Get Stimulus Payments Tonight

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Vincent Ni reflects on his grandfather’s long life and a crucial decision he made as a young man.

President Vladimir Putin signed a series of bills on Wednesday that gave Russia new powers to restrict U.. S.. . Social media giants label individuals as « foreign agents » and take action against the disclosure of their security officials’ personal information. The laws, which also introduce new restrictions on protests, provide for a year of constitutional reforms that allow 68-year-old Putin to run for two more six years in the Kremlin instead of stepping down in 2024 as required by law. Other reforms, such as one that grants former presidents lifelong immunity from prosecution, have led analysts to guess on his plans as Moscow’s relations with the West have come under renewed pressure due to the poisoning of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny.

The U. . S.. . warned on Wednesday that a Pakistani man convicted and later acquitted in the 2002 murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl may escape justice after a provincial court in Pakistan ordered his release. The warning from doing u. . S.. . Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen arrives days after the Sindh High Court in southern Pakistan overturned a government arrest warrant alleging that Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the prime suspect in Perle’s murder, remains in custody. Sheikh was convicted for his role in luring Pearl to a meeting in Karachi city in January 2002 where he was abducted.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tweeted Tuesday night that the second round of stimulus payments for Americans who have set up a direct deposit with the Internal Revenue Service « could arrive this evening ». The government will begin mailing checks on Wednesday. In a statement, Mnuchin said the Treasury Department and IRS are « working at unprecedented speed to direct a second round of economic impact payments to eligible Americans and their families. These payments are an integral part of our commitment to provide important additional economic relief for the American people at this unprecedented time. « Last week, Congress voted for $ 600 in direct payments to Americans, compared to $ 1. $ 200 shipped in the spring. On Monday the House voted to drop the payment from $ 600 to Jan.. $ 000 raise, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky. ) blocked a vote in the Senate on Tuesday. McConnell later introduced a bill that would keep checks on 2. US $ 000,000 while removing legal liability for tech companies and setting up a commission to investigate electoral issues – two demands by President Trump that Democrats reject. More stories from the week. com Report: Forensic Accounting Specialists in Support of N. . Y. . Prosecutor in Trump probe 2. $ 000 checks are good Police report shows the Nashville bomber’s girlfriend warned that he had bombed his RV

The Air Force has just signed a new flag exercise that combines great weapons and capabilities under one event.

« I would be very scared if I lived in the US, » said Benjamin Wilson, an American who has lived in Wuhan for almost two decades.

Singapore authorities arrested a man on his return to the city-state on Wednesday after being detained in the United States for spying on China, and said they were investigating whether he was a security risk. The Homeland Security Division (ITS) will question Yeo to determine if he has conducted activities that compromise Singapore’s security, a statement said in a statement.

NYPD officials say their review of security camera footage from the Arlo Hotel in SoHo made all the difference. The New York City Police Department has announced that it will bring charges against the woman Keyon Harrold Jr. Attacked. after falsely accusing the teenager of stealing her iPhone. According to Rodney Harrison, the NYPD’s chief detective, checking surveillance camera footage from the Arlo Hotel in SoHo made all the difference.

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