World news – US – Expands 70 acres to Arlington National Cemetery, 60000 brand new burial places


The District Advocacy Group Sustainable Freedom of Arlington County emailed members to say the expansion « wastes a major opportunity for the bike to strengthen the link between Columbia Pike and Pentagon City and potentially make cycling less acceptable rather than safe. »


Prevail with the national government in April to expand the cemetery An Arlington County spokesperson did not respond to a DCist / WAMU petition for comment about exactly how much compensation has been received for the home since the time of publication

The city could also consider various techniques to ensure that it does not operate outside the burial area, including a procedure that would change the qualification rules for service partners who might be buried in the market one

The proposal would nullify the burial and receipt eligibility for service members who die while on active duty but not in conflict, which, if implemented, would change a habit going back to the peninsular heritage during the Civil War. Another proposal would also change the burial-ground qualifications of military partners , Requiring them to meet a great deal of other exceptional criteria, the cemetery says these ideas will allow it to remain a « well-lived, well-buried place for the future, as described as 150 knots »

THESE IDEAS In the public comment period that will end on November 16, the National Capital Planning Committee did not immediately respond to the DCist / WAMU request for a deadline upgrade for the position Not everyone is pleased with all the volcano development strategies without the calendar year, a DoD spokesperson told the subcommittee The House of Representatives Appropriations Committee on Military Arrangements states that the street structure should be completed by 2022, along with the entire expansion project by 2025

The expansion, the peninsula, indicates that it may have run out of cemetery space in 2043 and that about 400,000 American soldiers and professionals will be buried on its territory

Expand the peninsula to 70 acres in the southwest, an improvement that could save room for more than 60000 new burial areas up to the peninsula of 639 acres will likely remain a certain plot of land, and the expansion will include the U o Q Museum of the Air Force Columbia Pike in your home

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World News – US – Expands 70 acres to include Arlington National Cemetery, 60,000 brand new burial places


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