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It’s Friday the 13th. And with it landing in a year like 2020, people have been making memes about it almost non-stop since they realized. COVID-19 has made this year especially horrible. Not to mention we lost a lot of the celebs we love this year. Twitter was ground zero for reaction, so that’s what we found when we looked.

As you know, every time the month starts on a Sunday, there is Friday the 13th. It will only happen maybe once or twice every year. And while this day may actually be like any other day, this day is very important for some people. For many Americans, this day is a day of superstition, bad luck, or just a great time to hint at pop culture.

Currently, social media is taking advantage of https: // twitter. com / redtarget14 / status / 1327248618185744384? s = 20 years and a day. They claim it will be worse than usual due to whatever happens. But something worse is happening on this day that will take over the year.

It’s Friday the 13th, and we wish you and your kingdom all the best. You may need it. Pic. Twitter. com / zwNP4qR5jJ

Good morning dreaded 🌞. Don’t spill salt, break a mirror, or walk under a ladder! It is Friday the thirteenth in the year 2020. What could go wrong?

The helpless cat that I saw sitting in the back of a Toyota Yaris speeding up on I-94 this morning is the perfect meme for healthcare workers on Friday the 13th during the return of COVID #StayHomeStayLives pic. Twitter. com / 6CfFDrv8E4

I need access to the top corner of my house to do a minor fix. On the ladder 32. Friday the 13th. Pic. Twitter. com / 4wBv0d8qQs

Happy Friday the Thirteenth to everyone! Who has myths that they believe in on this day? # Fridaythe13th pic. Twitter. com / i6BgkMN81N

Of course on Friday, the 13th fashion, the cake I want the most for my birthday is out of stock (never out of stock) at Woolies. Let’s just cancel the entire day. Pic. Twitter. com / N1AUo1N9nC

The last time we had a Friday the 13th of 2020 they declared a global pandemic, so good luck tomorrow anyway mates

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th . . . In 2020. Don’t be surprised if kill wasps teamed up with COVID to start wildfires.

Not tomorrow is Friday the 13th in 2020, amid a pandemic during the election season. Girl, read the room lol.

Friday the 13th, 2020 ?? Keep your black cats inside and don’t walk under the stairs, please . . . . Pic. Twitter. com / pCIbENzp6X

Friday 13 Friday 13th 2020 pic. Twitter. com / Mr7YpXhcfQ

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World News – US – Friday the 13th Memes 2020: Twitter Engages with the Worst Days of the Year – Research Blaze


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