World News – US – FSU players discuss upset victory over No 5 UNC


TALLAHASSEE – Upset Florida State No 5 North Carolina, 31-28, Saturday night at Doak S Campbell Stadium

After the game, several players spoke to the media about the victory, including starting quarterback Jordan Travis, offensive lineman Devontay Love-Taylor, defensive thieves Joshua Kaindoh and Janarius Robinson, as well as security Jaiden Lars -Woodbey

« I feel 100% I feel good There is no one who could have kept me off the field there [late in the game], I was going to go with my boys They were fighting for me, so I have to fight for them I am very grateful to have won the victory « 

« I feel very comfortable But I couldn’t feel comfortable without the initial blockage from the guys This is where it starts It starts in the trenches They give me all day to myself sit there and play games and the receivers make great games There’s no reason not to be comfortable in this offense I have my guys behind my back pushing me and telling me they trust me It’s just a great feeling I just have to keep improving, that’s the main thing, keep improving and becoming more comfortable because there is still room for improvement in all aspects So I just think I have to keep working and improving « 

« The defense played amazing today It was great They played amazing They are the reason we won the game to be honest They came big in the fourth quarter and made a great save, biggest stoppage of the match But their energy that they brought in, it just made everyone leave We had so much energy We were comfortable We had a big lead But towards the end I mean it ‘is football, they have come close but the defense has come in big and I am very grateful for them « 

« I think it’s a big win, but I think it’s just the first step I think we’ll keep improving because we still haven’t played our best ball We’re just going to keep going to improve ourselves « 

« The energy on the pitch was very contagious tonight We just kept building on each other »

« It means a lot, just because it shows how versatile we are The fact that we have so many playmakers, and some of them, have barely been touched The fact that we can switch backs and getting the quarterback involved, and having two or three different full-backs over 100 yards, I think we’ve had three over 100 yards so far this season, I’m not sure, but what is an amazing thing to have « 

« On the pick-6, when they had four strong ones and one in the back, weak side, or whatever, I kept getting cut off on this game earlier in the part So on the sidelines I was talking with one of my coaches and stuff, and they were like, ‘They keep cutting you on that point Play with your hands and stuff’ But I knew that was going to happen when I saw them line up like that, and instead of just running and trying to rush, I just came out with the back, and the quarterback threw the ball and I grabbed him and j just ran « 

« I would say it started in practice We came back after Notre Dame and we just decided we were going to practice harder I feel like it was postponed to the game »

« We just had the mentality of being aggressive, going out and being aggressive this game I’m just trying to put pressure on the quarterback and play well from the start »

« It really means a lot We just want to change the culture and start finishing the games We have to do a better job in the second half to always come out with that fire Tonight we started pretty fast and I felt that it was awesome That’s what really gave the momentum on both sides of the ball « 

« We brought down guys and stuff, and Dennis, he really came out of nowhere. We talked to him and stuff, he’s always been in group chats and stuff like that, but we have took the COVID test the other day and saw him take the test but I didn’t put it together like why is he taking the test So he came back and I was like, « Like how you go and all? ”He just had a baby and stuff like that, and what else, but he came back and he locked himself in, he learned his stuff, and it was like guy stuff free agency It’s crazy It’s my boy, man, it’s my boy « 

« I feel like that’s it the Norvell fellowship preaches the fellowship to us every day, whenever he has a chance to To come back when we need him and step in and go straight into the rotation and get the job done, that’s what it’s all about « 

« So, two years ago, after Notre Dame, obviously they beat us and it never feels good This time it was different I feel like we showed our potential J ‘ just feel like when we got back to practice after that it felt like it was good we have to clean up some things nobody believed in us and we could go out and beat north carolina and all the rest, but I feel like we knew right after the Notre Dame game that we were scratching the surface a bit, just a bit, so let’s go harder « 

« I feel like there was already a chip on our shoulder since the last time we played in North Carolina, when they came here and hit a winning basket We had that in mind, the guys who were here, all week, and we preached this to the new guys what happened and we don’t want to feel that « 

Kaindoh: « We just had to plan the game. We had a full game plan for it, then we just trusted it and tried to execute it »

Robinson: « I think we just needed to improve on a few little technical issues we had against Notre Dame which caused some big points This week we focused on technique, going down and knocking down the tight end, and when to get back on the counter and the zone Tonight it showed we were bouncing the ball a bit « 

« It was very rewarding All the criticism and all the things everyone said we need to do, we just came out and did what we needed to do and we beat a number five team in the country I think that says a lot about us as a defense It’s really simple, we came here and did what we had to do and we had a 28 point air raid attack « 

« I think everyone was doing their jobs and playing together I feel like that’s one of the main things we talked about all week, it was just playing together and doing making sure everyone does what they need and just at the end of the day playing soccer »

« I think it’s a matter of the heart for the last couple of minutes We just had to put it on the whole scheme line and it all came out the window for the last couple of minutes, that’s right where’s your heart Are you ready to put your life on the line for your teammates? I think we’ve all done this as a coach and as a team « 

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World news – United States – The players of FSU discuss upset victory over Non 5 UNC


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