World News – US – GoOats on Shark Tank: What makes these oatmeal bites special and where can you buy them?


GoOats premieres this week on Shark Tank, giving viewers a taste of the delicious bite-size oatmeal treats

Just like several other foods or snacks that appeared on the ABC show, this is a healthy option for kids and adults alike

Here are more details on why GoOats are so special and where to buy them online at a store near you!

Nahum Jeannot is the founder and Chief Oatmeal Officer (COO) of GoOats He created the GoOats product based on the inspiration he received from his mother and grandmother

He says they instilled in him the concept since he was young to always eat healthy Jeannot remembers dropping into a bowl of oatmeal made from scratch each morning as he grew up

With GoOats, kids and adults alike get this oatmeal minus the bowl, which makes it healthy and convenient This is because they’re bite-sized balls that contain steel cut oats and other healthy ingredients

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Basically Not Everyone Has Time To Make This Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Thanks to GoOats, kids and adults can grab them anytime for a nutritious food choice when they start. in a busy day, or really any time of the day

GoOats are a combination of steel cut oats, farm-fresh dairy products and natural flavors to create rolled oatmeal

The inside features creamy steel cut oatmeal in natural flavors like Vermont maple syrup, blueberries or apples The outside of the oat balls has a crispy texture They can even be stored in a freezer for up to 18 months and microwaved for a different taste

Each pack of GoOats contains three servings of three pieces They contain a good bit of carbohydrate and are low in fat They also contain a little bit of dietary fiber and protein

They come in four different flavor options with apple cinnamon, blueberry, cane-nut, and brown sugar varieties

GoOats is the latest food product with a chance to shine thanks to the Shark Tank Show Other edibles in the series include the cauliflower pizza and the p-nuff crunch

Right now, the easiest way for most customers to buy bite-size treats is online directly from the official GoOats website here Customers can opt for a four of the four flavor pack or one pack of eight containing two packages of each flavor

They’re also available for purchase in stores in select cities across the United States, with Whole Foods among popular options for customers. Only a handful of states can carry them at this time

GoOats provides a handy store locator here to see which stores in different cities across the country have them Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are among the states currently offering GoOats

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While some viewers just learned about GoOats on Shark Tank for the first time, other consumers are already enjoying these bite-size oatmeal treats, even claiming their kids are obsessed with the help. Shark Tank, even more customers will discover them and start enjoying them!

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World News – United States – GoOats on Shark Tank: What who makes these oat bites special and where can you buy them?



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