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Google brought back Momo the Black Cat to celebrate this year’s Halloween Last time we saw our adorable but fearless feline, he was helping defend the Magic Cat Academy from a horde of invading spirits on Halloween 2016

This year Momo is diving deep – underwater! – as he defends new friends from the Big Boss ghost and his ghoul school Momo could risk another possible disaster without your help

Momo is besieged by ghosts with simple symbols hovering above their heads To defeat the fish you have to help Momo bring them down with his magic wand using your cursor to draw the symbols When there are several symbols, you need to draw them in the order they appear from left to right

There are four levels of play that are getting harder and harder to play.The first stage – because it’s closest to the surface at the start of our quest – is called the light stage of the sun It features an aquatic enemy known as the immortal jellyfish, which when near death can revert to the polyp stage and restart its life cycle

Level two takes us deeper into the dark with the Twilight Zone There are no signposts here, but you will encounter an enemy known as Boops Boops who has big buggy eyes

For level three, the Midnight Zone will pit you against the Vampire Squid, which despite its name, neither sucks nor drinks blood In fact, it has no teeth

If you can survive that long, your fourth and final test will be in the Abyss where you will face the monkfish This creepy deep sea inhabitant has a large head and a large mouth with long, fang-like teeth It uses a glowing growth at the end of its modified dorsal fin spine called an esca to attract prey

You start with a five-heart lifeline You lose a heart every time a fish touches Momo, and the game ends when you run out of hearts, but you can get the hearts back (Pro tip: if you see the pink heart, draw it immediately – as well as the lightning)

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News of the world – United States – Halloween The Google Doodle game resuscitates Momo the black cat


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