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Brian Austin Green takes a logical approach to breaking up with Megan Fox. While Actress 90210 has heard of her recent comments pouring in on her new boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, Brian is doing his best to move forward so he can move on.. Contrary to popular belief, the actor, whom the former has been exposed to in recent times, did not take Megan’s comments as a direct exploration of him..

“Brian doesn’t consider every comment Megan makes about Machine Gun Kelly insulting to him. A source close to a father of three told HollywoodLife, exclusively, that he understands that they have broken up publicly and that all the news is still fresh.. . «  Brian doesn’t let everything her discussion about her relationship with MGK get to him. If he pays attention to every comment or over-analyzes every word, he will never be able to move forward. Instead, he focused on moving forward with his private life and being involved in raising his children,  » the insider explained, adding that Brian wants Megan to live her life on her own terms.. “All that matters is maintaining a healthy parenting relationship.

A second source close to Brian said the actor was also focused on healing after closing the decade-long chapter he shared with Megan. Brian wants the pain of the separation to lead to some healing this holiday season. The second insider revealed that he could not continue to feel frustrated about it and notice everything she does in her love life.. From now on, “Brian will go on to be a great dad with Megan who is a great mom. It’s time to heal and he wants to focus on it more than the stress of any drama.

Meghan’s recent comments about her new boyfriend came on November 17, when she talked about the couple’s relationship with « legendary lineage » in a NYLON cover story centered around MGK (née Colson Baker).

“Loving him is like falling in love with a tsunami or a forest fire,” Megan explained with a laugh (as noted by the magazine). The actress continued: « The intensity of the merger with him is so overwhelming, and the threat that he represents is so strong but so beautiful that you do not have the option to give in with respect and gratitude. ». .

Jennifer’s Body star participated just a few weeks after she publicly criticized Brian on social media for uploading a picture of his youngest son, Journey River, 4. Relatively special fans of exes will know they strive to keep their kids (Sons Journey, Bodie Ransom, 6, and Noh Shannon, 8) out of the spotlight.

In her public comment – in which she also accused Brian of using his social media to portray her as an « absent mother » – Megan indicated that Brian has had her three children « half the time ». A third source told HollywoodLife that the custody agreement was still in effect.

“Brian and Megan still share their time with children equally and are both extremely loyal parents. The source emphasized that no matter what happens between them as adults, they will not let that affect children. Brian was doing his best to keep things as friendly as he could. He really doesn’t want there to be tension between himself and Megan. Everything on social media makes things more difficult because he is admittedly a rookie, « continued the source, adding, » The last thing he wants is for him to affect his relationships in real life, so he’s not planning to share any other pictures of their children..

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World News – US – How Brian Austin Green feels about Megan Fox gushing over Kelly Romance Machine Gun


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