World News – US – « I’ll beat this, » Trump tells Rudy Giuliani of COVID-19 in phone call


President Donald Trump phoned Rudy Giuliani from his hospital bed on Saturday afternoon to say he felt so healthy: « I could get out of here now now »

The former Big Apple mayor said his 30-year-old friend looked breathless and hearty during the 2:30 p.m. conversation « If you can judge by the way he talks, he sounded like a vintage Donald Trump, » said Giuliani

« You’re going to tell people I’m looking at this cover [reporting that it took a turn for the worse]

« I feel like I could get out of here now But they tell me there can always be a setback with this disease But I feel like I could go out and have a rally

« I am the President of the United States I cannot lock myself in a room… I had to face [the virus] for the Americans to stop being afraid of it so that we could deal with it. responsible manner

« We have made tremendous progress in treating this disease Death rates are very low compared to [at the beginning]

« Then I can show people that we can responsibly fight this disease, but we should not be afraid of it

« If I had handled it any other way, I would have created more panic, more fear among Americans

« We are making great strides in tackling this disease and making better progress with the economy than anyone has come to expect »

The president’s doctor, Dr Sean Conley, told reporters on Saturday morning that Trump had no fever, no oxygen and was « in a good mood. » « But he warned: » The first Covid week, and in particular days seven to ten, are the most critical in determining the likely course of this disease »

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Rudy Giuliani

News from the world – United States – « I’m going to beat this, » Trump tells Rudy Giuliani of COVID-19 on phone call


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