World News – US – Illegal assembly has already been declared in Louisville


The announcement that no charges have been brought against officers for the death of Breonna Taylor led to a protest march by the BLM in the town There were scuffles with police and about an hour ago (as of this writing) the police declared a gathering illegal and ordered everyone to clear the area There are several reporters on the ground Let’s start with Julio Rosas from Townhall:

On the ground in Louisville, Ky for @townhallcom and the protesting crowd just heard the charges announced by the grand jury for the Breonna Taylor case They are not happy at all, some people are crying imageTwittercom / DwGcYKyha4

As the BLM crowd chanted, « If we didn’t get it, burn it! » they marched outside the barricaded area of ​​Louisville and halted traffic at an intersection imageTwittercom / cIUtveA7xV

Tense scene as BLM crowds marched through the streets, passing Louisville cars and police officers imageTwittercom / tPyvxsJsKt

Does anyone else think the Trump campaign or the Republicans could be behind this Uhaul van that is handing out shields and “killing the police” in Louisville? It would be so easy for Trump and the GOP to sell their stupid story, wouldn’t it? imageTwittercom / vn8Aj8lCpF

Sure, there’s a video of the walkers with these same signs, but those idiots don’t care:

Protesters have staged a full front line now as they move through the streets #Louisville #BreonnaTaylor picTwittercom / WHmiwVM2DU

The BLM crowd was marching down the street until it was stopped by Louisville Police in riot gear Police moved in and rioters began fighting with police and arrests were made imageTwittercom / Y9lAV76SJP

Protesters storm a restaurant and start throwing tables and chairs on the outdoor terrace #Louisville #LouisvilleProtest #BreonnaTaylor picTwittercom / yYukW8b3FG

The cops declare an illegal gathering in the city center and ask the demonstrators to leave The demonstrators are not numerous but many police officers Two armored vehicles and a lot of batons imageTwittercom / jICtZwIhO0

Another announcement from an LMPD speaker declaring the protest an illegal gathering #Louisville #LouisvilleProtest #BreonnaTaylor picTwittercom / ev19d2i2EJ

A huge Black Lives Matter trailer descends Market Street in downtown Louisville #Louisville #LouisvilleProtest #BreonnaTaylor #BlackLivesMatter picTwittercom / kY3hAe0feU

Onboard LMPD cruisers as they move through downtown Louisville #Louisville #LouisvilleProtest #BreonnaTaylor #LMPD picTwittercom / wGFJ0bRNtk

Arrests took place after the gathering was declared illegal, as police attempt to clear the crowd of protesters #Louisville #LouisvilleProtest #BreonnaTaylor picTwittercom / XNIxLKCO74

A hearing reports that the windows have survived despite protesters hitting them with their bats and wooden beams The scene has gotten too chaotic there along Bardstown to be fully assessed, I’ll know more if I can

Someone threw a glass bottle at the police, hit one of the protesters instead #Louisville #LouisvilleProtests #BreonnaTaylor picTwittercom / uH0GhCXXRI

I will update this post as the night goes on. I don’t hope it stays peaceful or even « mostly peaceful »

« If we just act on outrage, there is no justice – mob justice is not justice »

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World news – US – Illegal assembly has already been declared in Louisville


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