World News – US – Instagram gets you back to classic icons for her birthday – here’s how


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by Rachel Kaser

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It’s Instagram’s 10th anniversary yes, it’s been 10 years in our lives now, and no I don’t feel old at all As a treat for users this month Instagram is giving users the option to change their app icon to one old classics Here’s how you can do it

The icons are somewhat hidden within the app itself, so you’ll have to snoop around a bit to find it.To start, you’ll need to go to the Instagram app settings.Once you’re there, pull as hard as you can You will see a series of increasingly curious emoji

Scroll down as far as the current emoji, and you’ll get some confetti and you’ll be taken to the secret menu where you’ll see all the icons you can change from the current sherbet color tile.You can even switch to the Very vintage full Polaroid camera icon, and at pre-launch â ???? lens icon In addition to the classics, you can also change the icon to different color variations of the current logo Colors include â ???? Prideâ ???? (rainbow, natch), â ???? Darkâ ???? and â ???? Light, â ???? and â ???? Goldâ ????

The text of this hidden menu says it’s to « celebrate our birthday » in October, so it’s not clear how long the color change you choose will stay at the very least I’m guessing they’ll be gone by November It’s a shame too, as the color options are very appealing and the Instagram logo is still very recognizable on each of them The Polaroid style icon at the old one looks delightfully vintage next to the modern applications

And that’s it! Enjoy it while you can, because who knows when it’s going to go Good luck!

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How to change Instagram icon

World News – United States – Instagram lets you go back to classic icons for her birthday – here’s how


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