World News – US – Investigations are underway in Floyd County, Georgia


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A county of Georgia counted thousands of ballot papers in November. 17 After up to 2,700 missing votes were found. Election officials say they are unsure if the fault is a machine malfunction or human error. An investigation is underway to find out how this happened.

At the Floyd County Election Board, officials suspect the problem may have been caused by a problem with their scanner early on.

Melanie Conrad, a member of the Floyd County Election Board, said, « The first step is to deal with a recount, and the next step is to send a message to our citizens and say we’re going to do it now. ».

“We know that a box of about 5,000 ballot papers was taken from the location where the scanner failed during early voting. Those cards were transferred to the election office. The question on the table now is how half of these 5,000 were calculated while the other half was not counted. She added that some suspected it might have been a polling agent not doing its job properly.

While investigators work to uncover what happened – Georgia’s Foreign Minister Brad Ravensberger called the county election director to step down. Conrad told us she cannot say if that will happen, but the board will meet on Thursday to discuss the matter.

This is a deep red boycott, and most of the votes found have been cast for Trump. Election officials insist that these updated numbers will not affect the overall results.

But a Gwinnett County poll watcher told NTD that if there are a few relatively small errors like the one here in Floyd County that goes unnoticed, it could pile up into a big problem – just 14,000 votes between Trump.. Biden.

Floyd County will end results, along with the rest of Georgia. All recounts should be completed by November night. 18.

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World News – United States – Floyd County investigation is underway, Georgia
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