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Previously after winning the toss Delhi chose to go bowling They kept the screws tight everywhere and limited Bangalore to 152 for 7 That was never going to be enough on this surface and Iyer’s men showed why this was so A slight hiccup towards the end but given the iron fist they gathered it was not going to escape Delhi’s in-depth performance

Ajinkya Rahane is surprised for a conversation Said Ricky Ponting told him he doesn’t beat 3 Said he enjoyed the partnership with Dhawan Adds they were only talking about intending with the bald -mouse Said all they were trying was to play proper cricket shots Mentions he wanted to finish the game given how the games have changed in this tournament Is happy to end on the right side of the line Stay at listening for presentations

Bangalore skipper Virat Kohli says it’s a mixed feeling right now Said the goal was to come and win the game but says they have been informed 17 3 point mark Said they have well done to earn a playoff spot Said they have an opportunity now Adds they need to be a little more courageous with the bat and should get better Powerplay with the ball Is happy to have the chance to try to ‘reach the final

At that point, that ends what would have been an almost close game, if Bangalore had maybe got 10 or more points on the board Delhi’s victory means they have a fairly smooth road for their ambitions to the final, while Bangalore has to make do now, in the Eliminator and later in Qualifier 2 Who will be their opponent in the first? We will get to know that after the shock of Tuesday 03 November 2020 The League Finals match sees Mumbai take on Hyderabad in Sharjah If the former wins Bangalore will face Kolkata but if they lose Kohli’s men will face Hyderabad The action for Game 56 begins at 6:00 p.m. local time (2:00 p.m. GMT). Then tune in and until then be careful and goodnight

Anrich Nortje is named Player of the Match! Said it was a good overall performance from everyone Said the bowlers felt great stepping into the game About him at bowling short Nortje says yorker would have been the obvious option but they changed him and once they got the bowling beat with the bouncer they used it to their advantage and that extra beat helped them Ends by saying he’s ready for the playoffs

Delhi skipper Shreyas Iyer said he was really proud of the performance Said they weren’t thinking about the run rate or anything else Adds they were really motivated in the middle Said towards the end the teams who were at the bottom of the points table changed things on the points table with their performances Believes his team did well to finally qualify for the playoffs Said the bowlers were up to the task in this game Mention that they made their plans for the opposition batsman and it worked for them When they meet against Mumbai Iyer says Mumbai are one of the better teams in the tournament but they will try to keep things going against them and if they stick to their plans, the results will fall for them

Bangalore started off on a note of horror as they fled many borders even after Shaw left They kept it a bit tight in the middle but Dhawan and Rahane were patiently stroking the 1s and 2s Their bowlers had a few wickets towards the end but the pressure overcame them later And so the game got away Their star pitcher, Chris Morris, only played 2 overs and went for close to 10 in each Ahmed got 2 and Sundar got 1 wicket and both were very tight in their 4 overs Chahal played great but couldn’t get a wicket, the big day The rest was too expensive

Mohammed Siraj in Rishabh pants, EDGY FOUR! But that doesn’t matter anymore! Delhi is in the playoffs Short and away the pants go for traction but gets a top edge He flies over the goalie’s head and into the third man fence Delhi wins by 6 wickets

Delhi qualifies for the playoffs, IN THE SECOND SPOT! Yes that means they had two shots at the cherry This is an exceptional result for Delhi The dugout is all smiles and hugs Bangalore going on as well, but they will feature in the eliminator which means that they must overcome 2 obstacles to reach the final

Delhi got off to a flying start They found the limits very quickly But then Shaw fell for a low score, again He stroked himself well but just couldn’t keep going But that was the only major hiccup for them Shreyas Iyer’s men The Dhawan-Rahane partnership tipped him largely in favor of Delhi After a partnership of 88 races, Dhawan left and there were a few wickets afterwards, but given that the platform was defined by Shikhar Dhawan and Ajinkya Rahane, Delhi crossed safely with 6 bullets in reserve

Mohammed Siraj pants in Rishabh, short and just on the outside, the pants seek to feed it completely from the side of the leg via traction but get an inside edge on the body

Mohammed Siraj to Marcus Stoinis, simple simple! Full around, caressed too long for a by Stoinis 150, let’s go to Delhi It just takes 3 now

Mohammed Siraj to Marcus Stoinis, a couple now! Shortish and just outside Marcus stroked him off the sweeper’s blanket defender for a few runs

Mohammed Siraj to Marcus Stoinis, WIDE! The pressure is on Siraj now! He slides this ball to the side of the leg Stoinis misses his movie Large

Mohammed Siraj to Marcus Stoinis, SIX! A bit more! Anyway and around, Stoinis goes for the pull Don’t time too well but it goes over the middle fielder of the wicket Chahal was the man there and he jumped as high as he could but the skipper didn’t is not satisfied with the effort If there was ever a pressure, it is now released

Mohammed Siraj in Rishabh pants, short and in the middle, the pants seem to pull but confuse it with the square leg for a

Change of bowling Mohammed Siraj will win the penultimate match of the game 2-0-13-1 from him so far

Mohammed Siraj in Rishabh pants, WIDE! Tries to go full but ends up playing it outside of the Large guideline

Washington Sundar to Marcus Stoinis, Flatter and around, pushed upwards to cover defender Just 4 runs and a wicket from above 15 needed in 12 balls

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