World news – US – Irene Brockovich pens tally bids Biden for naming former DuPont chemical company employee to EPA shortlist


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environmental advocate Erin Brockovich has penned an op-ed criticizing Joe Biden for being a chemical industry expert for his EPA transition team.

Ms. Brokovic rose to prominence after defending successful legal battles against major companies polluting the environment. A movie based on her legal battles starring Julia Roberts, released in 2000.

In an editorial for The Guardian, Ms. Brockovich said she was disappointed by one of Biden’s selections for his EPA transition team, Michael McCabe..

She said that Mr. McCabe was a former employee of Mr. Biden and a deputy at the Environmental Protection Agency before leaving to enter the private sector and work in communications for DuPont, a chemical company that has been criticized for its association with chemicals that have given birth to defects and diseases in those who have been exposed..

Ms. Brockovich referred specifically to DuPont’s battle against the regulations for a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid..

“This toxic human-made chemical is used in everything from waterproof clothing, stain-resistant textiles and food packaging to non-sticky pans. The compound has been linked to decreased fertility, cancer, and liver damage..

She said she felt Biden was thinking of the same types of industry insiders who would be open to the outside influence Trump chose to run his administration..

“This smells like the dawn of the same age. In the words of The Who: Meet the new president, like the old one.. “We have to mention that the person who advised DuPont on how to avoid the regulations is not someone we want to advise this new administration..

It claimed that Mr. McCabe’s work for DuPont would inevitably have avoided costly clean-ups and additional organizational headaches for the company..

« Are we really backing down from the old and the old driving, hide-and-seek, concealment, avoidance, and denial of leadership, or will you come out and be the change and hope needed when it comes to the environment? » I wrote.

She called on Mr. Biden to « keep your promise » and « give people a voice and a seat at the table » to find solutions to environmental issues.

She concluded

, « We are in this mess because we keep doing the same old thing. ».

Some liberals on Twitter were quick to punish Brokovich, complaining that she should not criticize Biden in the midst of Donald Trump’s electoral challenge..

“We want Irene B to be better, and I’m not sure she can. It is better if DuPont is with us than it is against us, and you didn’t understand this is amazing! One user wrote.

Another said she compares « apples to oranges » and suggested to Mr. Biden that he find someone « in the middle » to direct.

Jordan Ull, a progressive activist, noted the irony of critics who told Brokovitch that she was happy to have chemical companies in alliance with the president-elect..

« How oblivious should you be in telling Irene Prokovich that chemical companies are on our side? ».

« It’s about politics as usual. We want, we want Joe Biden to be better because he can. « .

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World News – US – Irene Brockovich pens tying Biden to designate a former DuPont chemist Shortlisted by the Environmental Protection Agency


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