World news – US – James Harden rejected a historic extension with the Rockets, and focused on making his way to the Nets, according to the report


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After a few weeks of hesitation, James Harden made his decision. He wants to play for the Brooklyn Nets and is focused on forcing the Houston Rockets into his initiative there so he can put together a super team alongside Kevin Durant and Kerry Irving, and compete for the title..

Harden’s desire to play for the Nets was so strong that he turned down a historic offer to extend the contract from the Rockets, according to Adrian Voynarowski of ESPN. The Rockets Show would have made Harden the first player in league history to make $ 50 million a year.

As Harden’s conversations with Nets stars Kevin Durant and Kerry Irving intensified in recent weeks on the West Coast, sources say the Rockets made an offer for him to sign the maximum permissible extension – two years and $ 103 million over the three years remaining $ 133 million on his deal Current.

Unfortunately for Harden, it is much easier to request a trade than to fulfill. So far there have been no serious discussions between Rockets and Nets, and multiple issues are on the way to a deal. For example, Rockets Harden has a multi-year contract and has no interest in trading it, and Nets does not have the assets to initiate a deal of this size..

Harden thinks his window to chasing the championships in Houston is over, and that building a Super Team with curling is his best path to a title, according to sources.. . Harden could become a free agent in 2022 if he chooses to end the last year of his contract – sources say Brooklyn is putting on a two-year play to win a title before deciding on the next steps in his career. .

One source described this as his « announcement moment », referring to superstar Anthony Davis who made his way out of New Orleans for the chance to win a title with the Los Angeles Lakers..

On the one hand, Davis’s position was somewhat unique given that the team he wanted to play for had legitimate assets to trade against a superstar. At the same time, it has also shown that truly elite players can achieve things in this league when they throw their weight off. .

So, while there are still a number of hurdles – no real business talks, and Nets’ lack of the necessary business bits – this deal seems to make this deal a long thing, we also can’t write it off. Things have really changed so quickly since Harden’s first grumble about networking, that he is now demanding to trade there. Houston softens their position, or the inclusion of a third party in conversations could take things in a completely different direction before we know it.

The truth is, we don’t really know what will happen over the next few weeks, especially with such an intense off-season period.. But if the past few days are any indication, we are in an exciting time.

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World News US – James Harden rejected a historic extension with the Rockets, and focused on making his way to the Nets, in the report


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