World News – US – Jennifer Garner reveals how growing up in poverty affected her parents


Despite film and television fame, high profile connections and industry accolades, Jennifer Garner has remained a celebrity fans consider to be depressed – down to earth In a new interview with the author Kelly Corrigan, the actor spoke about how his upbringing in West Virginia and his mother’s experience of living in poverty influenced his outlook

« My parents are nothing but the salt of the earth, » Garner said on Monday night’s episode of the PBS talk show Tell Me More With Kelly Corrigan. His father Billy Jack is from Texas (where Garner was born ) and her mother Patricia grew up on a farm in Locust Grove, Oklahoma

“My mom was so poor it’s amazing she managed to get out,” Garner continued. “In fact, when I moved to New York after college, my mom said: ‘Jennifer, whatever you do, it will never be as bad as leaving this farm' »

Garner told a story from his mother’s childhood, when she babysat for one of the wealthiest local families and read their copies of Life magazine

“In Life Magazine, she saw pictures of other places and she just wanted to go,” the actor explained. “And she found an ad to be a Girl Scout counselor in Maine, and she applied and got on a bus and went to Maine, and that was kind of the start of my mom’s real itch to see and understand the world And now she’s been to 50 states and seven continents « 

The Alias ​​star’s mother also graduated from graduate school after the future actor was born and taught remedial reading at West Virginia State (« She had a lot of kids who had traveled in the West Virginia public school system and were in college but were also illiterate, ”Garner saidHer father also traveled which opened up the world to their children, even as they grew up in a state where people tended to stay put

While Garner is clearly proud of her parents’ travels, she remembered Corrigan asking her mother if she bothered at all that Garner spoke publicly about her poverty.

« And she said, ‘I’m never ashamed to grow up in poverty I’m quite in awe of the grace and dignity my parents had throughout my childhood,’ the actor recalls. » And I just thought, oh, alright « 

She described growing up in West Virginia as « a real childhood » but noted that her home state « is rock bottom when it comes to education, upward mobility and health. »(According to US &World Report, West Virginia ranks last of 50 states in economy and infrastructure, 48th in health and 44th in education)

“And yet if you grow up in this place and have been surrounded by people who take care of their neighbors, who take care of themselves…” Garner continued “I have such a deep pride in being from this stock « 

Garner’s connections to her community are evident in her philanthropic work She sits on the board of directors of Save the Children, an organization whose mission is « [to give] to children in the US and around the world whole good start in life « With Amy Adams, Garner launched the organization’s #SAVEWITHSTORIES campaign in March, in which celebrities shared their favorite books on Instagram to raise awareness and promote donations to support families who rely on free school lunches thanks to school closures linked to COVID

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« I wouldn’t trade anything for being raised in the Great Smoky Mountains, » she told Entertainment Tonight in 2015 I have never been ashamed of my people no matter how bad we might have been. to be poor or dirty I always liked to be where I am, and to have the people that I had « 

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« I was one of 17 million children in this country who did not know where their next meal was coming from And I did everything to get food, » said Viola Davis, star of How to Get Away With Murder, at the Variety Power of Women Gala 2014, by E! Online She was honored for her philanthropic work with the nonprofit Child Hunger, Hunger Is « I Stole For Food I » jumped in huge garbage cans with maggots for food I befriended some people in the neighborhood whom I knew mothers cooked three meals a day for food, and I sacrificed a childhood for food and I grew up in immense shame « 

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Jennifer Garner

World News – United States – Jennifer Garner reveals how growing up in poverty affected her parents



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