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World news – US – Join 411’s Live AEW Late Night Dynamite Coverage | 411MANIA

Join 411 for our live AEW Dynamite coverage for all of the action as it happens and to chat along with the 411 community live as the show happens...

-Welcome to a special early morning/late night episode of AEW Dynamite. I got the message to fill in for coverage of this show about an hour ago and since I am usually up at this time, I figured why not do another AEW show. We are about 15 minutes away from the start of the show as Inside The NBA finishes. I’m going to go back to watching the replay of Payne’s Valley Cup on Golf until this show starts. Everyone have fun in the comments section and keep it respectful.

-Chris Jericho is out first and he will be joining the broadcast team which is always a good thing. He basks in the singing of his theme song from the fans and yeah, it’s still pretty cool.

-They run down the card for tonight and as I kind of expected they aren’t giving much to this show, but let’s see how it goes. For fun I will include the records AEW is listing for each competitor because I like the idea of records meaning something.

-Lockup to start and Sky gets a go behind. He turns into a hammerlock and gets Carter to the ground. Carter escapes and gets a hammerlock of his own. They exchange arm wringers and then Carter gets a headlock. Sky gets caught with an armdrag and then another so Sky gets to a corner to slow things down. We start again and Sky uses his power to get Carter into the corner. Carter gets a back elbow but gets caught with a crossbody off the middle rope for a one count. Carter back to the armdrag, but Sky catches him with some strikes. Whip into the corner and Carter does some flips and then hits a nice dropkick that sends Sky to the floor. Sky is frustrated as Jericho puts him over on commentary. Back in the ring Sky goes back to the arm, but Carter again is able to escape and gets a side headlock. Sky misses a clothesline but does land a kick to the chest and then a dropkick. Sky takes over with a Russian Leg Sweep and gets a two count as he was a little late to make the cover. Backbreaker from Sky and then into an abdominal stretch. Carter frees his foot to break and fires off some Kawada chops in the corner. He plays to the crowd a bit too much and gets caught with a right from Sky as we take a commercial break. No picture in picture for this one.

-Back after a rather long break and Sky has the camel clutch locked in. He drops the hold and gets a two count. Carter rolls to the apron, so Sky tries to suplex him back in, but Carter gets in a kick to the face. He then springs of the middle rope and hits a version of the Slop Drop. Standing shooting star gets a two count. Sky heads to the floor and Carter misses a spring off the ropes to the floor. Sky gets in a sweet knee to the face, but misses a leg drop on the apron. Carter hits a dive on the floor and heads up top with a Frog Splash for a two count. Sky is bleeding from above his eye as he got caught somewhere. Phoenix Splash is missed and Sky gets a two count off a neckbreaker. Sky looks for a fisherman’s suplex, but Carter fights out only to get caught with a Fisherman’s Buster for two. Nice near fall! The blood seems to have stopped around the eye. Carter gets in a kick to the face and a roll-up gets a two count. Sky dropkicks the knee and stomps the back. A big boot to the face and then the TKO finishes at 15:15.

Winner: Scorpio Sky via pin at 15:15
-Really good match here that got hurt a bit by the long commercial break. The ending stretch kicked things into a higher gear, but the ending seemed kind of flat. Still, a good showing from Carter here. ***1/2

-Recap of Archer being next in line for Mox. Archer has formed an alliance with Team Taz in exchange getting the first shot at the AEW Title should Archer win. Mox brings in Hobbs and Darby to go to war and we have a 6 Man Tag for tomorrow.

-Brandi fires off some punches before the bell and then gets a spear when the bell finally starts the match. Brandi gets a facebuster on the apron and they brawl on the floor. Jay gets sent into the railing and then back into the ring. Brandi continues the rampage in the corner with some blows and slaps Anna around a bit. A clothesline is ducked and Anna gets the Queen Slayer, but Brandi rolls into a cover for two. Some weak punches that looked better with camera angles follow. Anna gets a stomp in the corner and that gets her a one count. Snap suplex follows and some more stomping in the corner. Flipping neckbreaker gets two, so Anna goes to a headlock. Brandi fights out but gets caught charging in with a back elbow. Both women are out as the ref starts his count. They get to their feet and exchange blows. Brandi gets a few clotheslines and then a Sling Blade. The Dark Order heads down and distract the ref as Brandi hit Shot of Brandi. The distraction proves key as it only gets two and The Queen Slayer finishes at 6:04 as Brandi is out.

Winner: Anna Jay via submission at 6:04
-Good fire from Brandi and it worked well for what they wanted to accomplish. Some sloppy moments, but solid overall. **

-Scorpio Sky puts over Ben Carter, but his goal is the TNT Title. Matt Sydal is out and it seems he and Sky will be going out for drinks after the show.

-The announcers hype tomorrow’s show and we get a video package to hype Lee vs Cassidy for the TNT Title which is the main event for tomorrow. This was well done!

-There’s actually an issue here as Sydal eliminated Spears from the Casino Battle Royal at All Out. Jericho brings up that he lost a PPV match to Sydal years ago and wants to see Spears get some revenge here. Sydal rolls through wrist control and gets a hammerlock, but can’t get a take down. Spears breaks a headlock and gets wrist control. Sydal finally gets the take down he had been fighting for and keeps control of the headlock. Spears is able to break but gets caught with another side headlock as the announce table has forgotten about the match and I think are just trying to make each other laugh. Spears sends Sydal into the corner to break and fires off some chops. Sydal gets sent to the floor, but gets a leg sweep as Spears falls on the hardest part of the ring. That’s been a theme for tonight. Back inside the ring Sydal gets kick for a two count and we take a commercial break.

-Back with Sydal getting a leaping rana and follows with some kicks. He gets a pinning combination for two and The Slice gets another two count. A twisting dive gets another two count. Sydal looks to head up, but Spears grabs the leg to stop that noise. Speaks gets an elbow and then a sit-out bomb for two. They stand center ring and exchange blows as neither man will back down. Spears wins the striking battle, so Sydal goes to using a knee strike and both men are out. Spears is first to his feet and preps for C4, but Sydal blocks by grabbing the ropes. Sydal gets a kick in and a Meteora for a two count. Spears to the floor and he takes a seat in a nearby chair, so Sydal dropkicks him out of it. Tully slips something into Spear’s glove. C4 is countered again, but the loaded glove comes into play and then the C4 ends at 12:37.

Winner: Shawn Spears via pin at 12:37
-Started slow and again a nearly 3 minute commercial break ate up a decent portion of this one. Spears cheating to win is fine as it gives Sydal an out in his single’s debut. This was solid, but never got into a higher gear like the opener. **3/4

-Scorpio Sky is out to chase off Spears and we are out for this special edition of Dynamite. Thanks for following along!

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