World News – US – Kelly Clarkson wears an eye patch on « The Voice »: Here’s why


Kelly Clarkson looked super elegant during a Monday night episode of The Voice The 38-year-old singer wore an eye patch while training her team during tours of the fight with mentor Leon Bridges, but she kept her own sense of humor about the situation from By joking about her looks and her lack of depth perception

“Today you’ll obviously notice something different from me I feel like I can be a really cool villain,” she joked, “Before she explains,“ Something got into my eye and got a little infected, so I have to wear an eye patch ”


The singer wore her eye patch for the first time publicly in September, likely around the same time she filmed Monday’s Voice episode at the time, Clarkson told California Live about the incident that got her on hold

“We did this long filming for The Voice and I was awake in this window. All the buildings here in the Universal lot are dusty and I have a severe allergy to dust well, something happened in my eyes and maybe you cut it and I did something” He was hit when it first happened It was so swollen I was like, “What am I supposed to do?”

“I had to shoot The Voice for a whole day in a vamp I was wearing all black, because it was the outfit that was already chosen, and it looked like I fought,” Clarkson added, “It was so bad [the voice coach] Gwen [Stephanie] found that out and said , “You had to wear a patch on national TV?” I was like, “Yeah!”

Just like she did on The Voice, Clarkson continued her work on The Kelly Clarkson Show as well.

“I’m sorry I look like a pirate,” Clarkson said to her guest, Common, in September, “I hurt my eyes and I must wear it. It’s ridiculous. A hacker is interviewing you today. Have you ever had a pirate interview you?”

Clarkson joked, before pointing her eyes

“I think I’ll do something for me.” This is my entire album. My next album cycle is this.

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World News – US – Kelly Clarkson practices an eye patch on « The Voice »: Here’s why


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